Special protective fabrics expand the market with the mode of customization

the protection demand of safety production of enterprises has driven the market, making the industrial chain of special protective textile fabrics and related protective clothing initially formed. For the further development of safety textiles and clothing industry, people with insight in the industry have a lot of foresight< Fu Enfu, director of Shaanxi Textile Science Research 1nstitute, believes that the development of textiles for safety protection must take the road of industrial chain integrated innovation. He pointed out that clothing production is the forefront, fabric development is the core, fiber raw materials are the backing, and standard inspection is the guarantee. 1n the future, an industrial innovation system of "fiber, fabric, clothing and terminal" should be established according to Li Lingshen, President of China 1ndustrial Textiles 1ndustry Association, with the continuous breakthrough of new materials and new technologies, the safety technology of industrial textiles is developing towards internationalization, serialization, and the comprehensiveness and multiplicity of performance requirements. The development of safety protective clothing should realize the comprehensive protection from single risk factor to multiple risk factors the reporter learned that Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. has been working hard towards the direction favored by experts: for example, the four production bases cooperated with the company are all independent corporate enterprises and have no property right relationship with lantianhai company. These enterprises organize production according to the technical requirements of blue sky sea company. Blue sky sea company sends personnel to the production enterprises to check the quality of anti-static fabrics on site and solve technical problems. The production of conductive materials, raw materials procurement and finished fabric sales, all by the blue sky sea company in the cooperation with the production base and the research and development of new products, the “behind the scenes” efforts of lantianhai company are rarely known to outsiders – in December 2008, Lanxiang saierfu icy fabric won the national patent; in October 2010, Lanxiang saierfu thermal fabric won the national invention patent; in May 2011, Lanxiang saierfu thermal fabric won the national patent, Lanxiang saierfu special anti-static winter clothing fabric has won the national patent. The development of three provincial new products, such as all cotton sailskin anti-static fabric and polylactic acid anti-static fabric, has been approved in 2011, the company and relevant institutes carried out the research and development of permanent fourth generation conductive fiber and second generation Lanxiang antistatic safety protective fabric, room temperature dyeable polypropylene fiber and its natural addition process, dyeing and finishing process and other new technologies, etc speaking of scientific research and development and some “abandonment” of blue sky sea company, Chen Mingqing is more and more firm in his choice. He asked the reporter: “Chinese enterprises have produced countless products for world famous brands. 1 am a Chinese enterprise with core technology. Why can’t 1 do this?” “tailored” service enterprises professional development and win the market requires the coupling of multiple factors. The “eight professional advantages”, “eight production requirements” and the original “tailor-made mode” summarized by lantianhai company show the enterprising spirit of consolidating and expanding the market for example, “eight professional advantages” are: professional enterprise mission, professional anti-static fabric production license, professional special fabric R & D center, professional product performance inspection and supervision, professional anti-static fabric production standards, professional anti-static fabric function insurance, professional standard drafting unit, professional brand protection through the interview with the users, Chen Mingqing found that it is not a strict practice to use an antistatic fabric to make tooling in different industries. For example, there are differences in temperature and humidity, acidity and alkalinity, and sunshine intensity in the workplace, and the corresponding tooling fabrics should be different. Therefore, in October 2011, the company first proposed the implementation of “tailor-made” mode in the industry for example, a clothing manufacturer needs a batch of fabrics for anti-static protective clothing in winter. According to the new standard of anti-static overalls and the conditions provided by customers, blue sky sea company has established a scientific and reasonable production process and selected cotton fiber and conductive materials, which not only ensures the stability of anti-static performance of fabrics, but also increases the functions of rainproof, warm keeping and air permeability of fabrics. The protective clothing made of these fabrics has been highly praised by enterprises and workers in order to let more Antistatic Fabrics and protective clothing enter the enterprise, the company’s marketing is becoming more and more “professional”. Jiang Shanshan, manager of customer service department, told the reporter that inviting experts to talk about the common sense of safety production has broadened the vision of the sales staff, and the sales staff have popularized the anti-static knowledge to many users. She said: “now, some users pay more attention to the lasting stability of the anti-static safety protection performance of face materials, which is obviously different from the past.”< 1t is reported that in 2011, blue sky sea company sold nearly 15 million meters of Antistatic Fabrics. Chen Mingqing introduced that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the company will focus on the "safety" to focus on the continuous stability of the anti-static performance of Lanxiang brand series fabrics. By the end of the "12th Five Year Plan", the supply of anti-static safety protective fabrics can reach 30 million meters in the interview, some experts pointed out that the civil market of Antistatic Fabrics is also very large. Feng dehu, vice president of China clothing association, for example, pregnant women may need antistatic clothing. Home curtains, if the use of Antistatic Fabrics, will reduce the dust adsorption, and so on. He believes that more and more functional clothing, including anti-static clothing, will come into ordinary people’s daily life< However, with the expansion of the application field of anti-static fabrics and protective clothing, there are some unsatisfactory places in the market if some textile enterprises only add a little conductive fiber to the fabric or adopt a relatively simple finishing process, they will sell the “qualified” antistatic fabric. Fang Shuji, chairman of Baoding Sanyuan company, said that when it comes to the annual inspection, some garment manufacturers buy more fabrics from the company, because the clothes made with the company’s fabrics can pass the annual inspection more smoothly, while later some enterprises choose cheaper fabrics, even shoddy ones MA Hongfa of PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company mentioned that some clothing manufacturers produce anti-static protective clothing, but the lining and other accessories are not anti-static, and the zipper is a metal product, which is easy to cause tip discharge. There are also oil and gas field enterprises of anti-static clothing is only limited to the overalls, anti-static underwear attention is not enough, anti-static clothing matching is insufficient, and so on some coal mine safety supervision personnel have proposed that the underground of a high gas mine may encounter wet and drenching operation areas, as well as high temperature and dry operation areas. The anti-static protective clothing worn by underground workers needs to be washed many times. How to make the protective clothing have a stable anti-static function in view of the chaos in the anti-static fabric market, Fang Shuji suggested that the relevant government departments should go to the using enterprises to inspect the labor protection articles, including protective clothing. “Only in this way can problems be found, and the fabric and clothing manufacturing enterprises with problems should be punished.” Chen Mingqing has been paying attention to the above problems. He said that the enterprises abide by the law and are responsible for the users. The government guides and standardizes the market through market and legal means. China will definitely become a big and strong producer of anti-static safety protective fabrics and protective clothing in the world. Lantianhai company is willing to make unremitting efforts for this

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