Special rectification of falling prevention in Zhangjiajie

From mid May to mid July, the traffic quality and safety department of Zhangjiajie City carried out a two month special rectification action of “anti collapse, anti falling and anti three violations” for the traffic engineering projects under construction in Zhangjiajie City

the purpose of this special rectification is to urge the construction units to implement the main responsibility of safety production, consolidate the “double base” of enterprise safety production, improve the level of construction safety standardization, try their best to put an end to all kinds of “three violations”, and strive to form a long-term mechanism of “anti collapse, anti falling and anti three violations”, Effectively prevent and resolutely curb the occurrence of traffic construction project safety accidents. The key points of anti collapse treatment are: excavation and support of deep foundation pit or cofferdam, hoisting and fixing of large prefabricated components such as beams and slabs; Bridge hanging basket and overpass construction; Excavation of tunnel face and portal, construction of anchor rod and arch frame, initial support and secondary lining pouring; All kinds of lifting machinery, full framing, scaffolding and large formwork support system used in the construction site. Key points of anti falling accident treatment: installation and removal of lifting machinery, scaffold, formwork system and external elevator; Edge, hole and water operation; All kinds of climbing operation and personnel access” Key points of “three violations” rectification: the system of project leader leading shift production on construction site, Listing Supervision of major accident hidden danger, equipment “fixed person, fixed machine, fixed post and fixed responsibility” is not perfect or not implemented in place; The project with high risk has no plan, the plan has not been approved or the construction is not carried out according to the plan; Special equipment and steel pipe fasteners are put into use without passing the inspection; The main person in charge of the enterprise, the person in charge of the project, the full-time safety officer and the special operation personnel work without a license; The operator has not received education and training or the training is mere formality; The on-site safety protection measures are not in place to organize the construction or the on-site operators are not in place to work; 1llegally using a crane to carry people; 1llegal transportation, storage and use of civil explosives; There is no professional command for hoisting, installation and removal

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