Special sale of lailis safety shoes

Laelis Eagle no7257-12 safety shoes with cow tendon soles are the last order of foreign trade. The quantity is small and the price is favorable. 1ndia imports embossed cow leather with cow tendon soles. They are anti smashing, anti-static, oil resistant and acid-base resistant. You need to contact 0577-89761577

if the functions meet your needs, then hurry up and buy one pair less until they are sold out, The shoe size is as follows:

7257 cattle tendon anti-static sole:

35-3 pairs 36-2 pairs 37-8 pairs 38-16 pairs 39-25 pairs 40-65 pairs 41-84 pairs 42-90 pairs 43-10 pairs 44-10 pairs 45-6 pairs

7257-12-year tendon insulation sole

35-2 pairs 38-1 pair 40-4 pairs 41-7 pairs 42-4 pairs 4 pairs 3-1 pair

1. Safety anti smashing shoes are mainly used in mining, construction, metallurgy, transportation, logging, transportation and other industries to protect the toes of leather shoes. There are leather and sponge liners in the inner head, so that the toes will not be worn when wearing2. This product has anti smashing and pressure protection properties, 1t does not affect the wearer’s labor and operation as well as toe injury.

3. Pressure resistance of the product toe: 10kN pressure action with the toe for 1min, internal clearance: 15mm.

4. 1mpact resistance of the toe: 23kg impact hammer falls freely from 450mm height, after impacting the toe, the internal clearance of the toe is 15mm.

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