special textile products for weapons and equipment in Yuanfeng, Shaanxi Province

Following the military parade to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the PLA on July 30, the general meeting to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the PLA was held in the Great Hall of the people at 10 am on August 1

in the past 90 years, China’s military equipment has undergone changes, which not only has more functions, but also greatly improves the comfort, further highlighting the national and military power. Textile products in military equipment, as an indispensable part of military uniform, helmet and other equipment, play an important role in defending the dignity of military uniform

Shaanxi Yuanfeng company is a scientific and technological enterprise transformed and established by Shaanxi Academy of Textile Sciences. Aiming at the national strategic needs, the company adheres to the combination of the military and the people, integrates the military with the people, and carries out independent innovation, and carries out basic research and forward-looking high-tech innovation research on the application of special fiber fabrics and special carbon materials for weapons and equipment. At present, it has formed a research and production base of special textile products for weapons and equipment in Shaanxi and radiating all over the country

in recent years, the company has carried out in-depth research on the application technology of high-performance fiber materials such as aramid fiber, PbO, PPS, high-strength polyethylene, carbon fiber, etc., conquered the difficult problem of aramid fiber dyeing, and developed innovative products such as aramid fiber series stock dyeing fabrics, camouflage printing fabrics, infrared resistant fabrics, flame-retardant high visibility protective fabrics, etc., which are applied in national defense, textile industry High temperature resistant and flame retardant protective clothing, tank clothing, flight combat clothing, military chemical protective clothing, military police work clothing, etc. in the fields of military industry, aerospace and other flammable and explosive fields have made outstanding contributions to improving the technical level of China’s military uniform equipment

the company will give full play to its technology, talents, achievements and market advantages, introduce investment, continue to deepen the implementation of high-performance fiber, special functional textiles and reinforced materials industrialization series projects, improve infrastructure, expand production capacity, and produce more high value-added special textile products for weapons and equipment, Make new contributions to the technical upgrading and product upgrading of our army’s quartermaster supplies

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