Special treatment of automobile repair occupational diseases

1n order to implement the spirit of the video conference of occupational health supervision in the whole province and the requirements of the notice of “looking back” on carrying out special control activities of occupational hazards in automobile repair industry issued by the Provincial Bureau of work safety, and promote the solid development of occupational hazards control in key industries in our city, the Municipal Bureau of work safety carried out “looking back” activities on special control of occupational hazards in automobile repair industry

focus on the implementation of the occupational disease prevention and control law and other relevant laws and regulations of automobile repair enterprises; Enterprise responsibility system, rules and regulations, management organization, early prevention, workplace management, protective facilities, personal protection, education and training, health monitoring, emergency management and other 10 aspects of infrastructure compliance; There are dust, spray paint, welding and other key links of occupational hazards management

if the implementation of occupational health-related work is not in place and the management of occupational hazards can not meet the national regulations and standards, the rectification should be carried out immediately; 1f the rectification can not be carried out immediately, the rectification plan shall be formulated, the responsible person shall be identified, and the rectification shall be in place within the specified time limit; Those who fail to meet the requirements after rectification shall be ordered to stop production for rectification, and those who seriously violate laws and regulations shall be given administrative punishment according to law

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