Speech by general manager of Jackie Chan clothing at “2017 key work promotion meeting of China labor protection articles alliance”

Hello, leaders, representatives and colleagues

first of all, 1 think it is necessary for us to make clear the identity or professional orientation of the people who attended the meeting today. First, we are labor insurance workers in China; Second, we are the labor protection industry; Third, we are the leader of labor protection products enterprises. No matter what our status is, we all have the responsibility to do a good job in safety protection for front-line industrial workers, to ensure that our products comply with the safety protection, to improve the safety protection market and field products, to standardize the order of the industry, industry and market, and to improve the product quality standards of our own enterprises. Therefore, in order to strengthen and improve the quality evaluation system of labor protection products, and jointly create and establish a benign market channel for labor protection products, the following suggestions are put forward:

(1) how to truly understand and grasp the “product quality evaluation system”. The quality evaluation system of labor protection articles covers five key elements of evaluation, from the qualification of the enterprise to the implementation of self inspection by the designated organization of the system and the irregular sampling inspection of the system, and the award of national provincial and ministerial level or above, Different from the past, the system has been improved and improved in the following aspects:

1. the “product tracking and traceability” system has been enabled, which enables the organization and production of products to the user’s use and confirmation, and achieves procedural, transparent, standardized, formulaic and real market self-discipline. At the same time, the production enterprises have confidence, users can rest assured that the use of explicit and open. The production quality management of enterprises and the circulation order of production and marketing markets have been standardized. 1t promotes the improvement of the quality level of China’s labor protection products industry, promotes the orderly development of China’s labor protection market demand, and encourages the manufacturers of labor protection products industry to pay attention to the confidence of product quality and the confidence of product science and technology investment

the comprehensive quality standard of labor protection products has been improved, and the “type inspection” standard requirements for products have been increased from the original national mandatory performance index standard of non type inspection

3. the newly established evaluation items for related product invention and utility model patents of production enterprises and the government awards have proposed that enterprises should shift from traditional price competition to industry-leading competition and market positive energy competition for enterprises to create market advantages

the establishment of product quality evaluation system is to change the original production framework management and control system to the whole process standard system from design, manufacturing, inspection, terminal use, feedback and service

(2) the product quality evaluation system is a driving engine for the enterprises of labor protection articles to build market norms, industry self-discipline and enterprise self-improvement with the alliance as the platform. At present, the market situation of labor protection products can be said to be in the extensive and disorderly competition. The manufacturers set most of the market competition means on the product price, and the user enterprises set most of the “cost performance” to control the product demand on the price or the so-called “brand”, registered capital and other business threshold and relationship. The existence and reliability of the technical requirement index of the real demand of the product is likely to stay in the

text in the bidding document or rely on the “test report”. Thus, the supply and demand sides default to the extension of disorderly market competition. As a result, the production enterprises try to find and use the market “low-quality resources” that do not conform to the market or the optimal development of the industry as the temporary advantages of the enterprises, so that the enterprises and products can make a living in the unhealthy market “strange circle” of non innovative promotion. 1 personally think: as a “labor protection products industry”, we should use the industry to promote the development of the market, and use the “product quality evaluation system” as the engine to promote and pull the development of the industry and the market. We are used to paying attention to the “access mechanism” of the industry market, but ignore or do not have the importance of the “exit mechanism” of the industry market. While strictly recognizing each other’s “access mechanism”, production enterprises and market users should also recognize each other’s seriousness of “exit permission mechanism”. Only in this way can enterprises continuously invest, strengthen and innovate in the access and exit permission mechanism, so as to gradually standardize the industrial market and do a good job in industry self-discipline and enterprise self-improvement< (3) take the product quality evaluation system as the banner of "made in China" of labor protection articles in China, and jointly open up the benign channel of the market of labor protection articles. The self-discipline and self-improvement of the enterprises in the labor protection products industry should be driven by the continuous improvement and strengthening of the "product quality evaluation system", increase the industry's antibody to the current disordered market competition, cultivate the immunity of the industrial enterprises to the disordered market competition, and fully establish the hard principle of "iron making needs its own hardness" based on the output and quality evaluation system, To improve product quality, technical quality and safety quality, to be a real product brand, to establish self-confidence for our labor protection products in the market, and to provide safety, health and protection for market users and industrial workers. We will work together to make the "product safety and quality evaluation system" an international, market-oriented, professional, fair, service-oriented common market standard. With pragmatic industry self-discipline and enterprise self-improvement measures, we will gradually build a benchmark enterprise in our industry and industry, and lead the "made in China" of labor protection products with benchmark enterprises. So as to become the banner of industry and market users, to influence the demand behavior of market users, influence the innovative development of industry enterprises, and gradually create and build a good channel of labor protection products market if the above suggestions or opinions are improper, please criticize and correct them Jiangsu Jackie Chan Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. March 10, 2017

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