Speeding up the formulation of local standards for work safety in Tianjin

1n order to further standardize the safety production behavior of enterprises, improve the safety production standard system, and effectively lead the improvement of the overall level of industry and regional safety production with standards, Tianjin Safety Production Standardization Technical Committee was established in 2013, and the formulation of local safety production standards in Tianjin was officially launched

recently, the Municipal Bureau of safety supervision organized Tianjin 1nstitute of labor protection science and technology, Tianjin Zhongbin Haisheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. and other relevant units and experts undertaking the standard formulation and revision work to hold a special meeting to conduct in-depth research and Discussion on the relevant contents of “safety technology management requirements for Tianjin hazardous chemical enterprises” (Draft), Further clarify the preparation requirements and key contents of the standard, and arrange the next step of standard declaration and acceptance work

“safety technology management requirements for hazardous chemical enterprises in Tianjin” includes basic requirements, safety technology requirements and safety management requirements for hazardous chemical enterprises. The part of safety technical requirements is detailed, and specific and clear requirements are put forward for the regional planning location and general layout, process safety, equipment safety, electrical instrument safety, public engineering safety of hazardous chemical enterprises in our city. As the first local safety production standard approved by Tianjin Municipality, the requirements for safety technology management of hazardous chemical enterprises is based on finding and solving the practical problems of safety production in the field of hazardous chemicals, Fill in the “blank point” between the relevant laws, regulations and technical standards for the safety management of hazardous chemicals, so that the work of safety production in the field of hazardous chemicals in our city can truly have laws, standards to follow and evidence to check, and improve the pertinence and professional level of the work

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