Spend “unjust money” on construction site to relieve the pain of city

in Qiaokou Xinghui Yunjin construction site of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, except for the construction site, other open plots are basically covered by green gardens

????????????????????. This exciting scene took place in the No. 1 coastal construction site of Lingjiao lake of the first company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau. Yesterday, the reporter saw at the scene that a safety experience zone with an investment of more than 200000 yuan is the only site safety experience education facility in the city, with eight experience projects such as helmet impact, hole fall and safety belt use

? some people say that the investment of 200000 yuan is “unjust money”: indoor training does not occupy space, and the cost is low. But in the eyes of project executive manager Wang Yalin, the money is worth it! Eight months after the construction started, there was no safety accident at the construction site of thousands of workers

?? construction site will inevitably bring traffic, dust, noise and other urban pains, affecting the lives of citizens. 1n order to alleviate the labor pain, the Third Bureau and the first company spent a lot of such “unjust money” on more than ten construction sites in Han Dynasty. 1n order to prevent the road surface from being polluted by waste soil, the transport vehicles have to go through three cleaning passes before leaving the construction site. The company invested 600000 yuan to pave the brick road for the waste soil dump; 1n order to reduce air pollution caused by dust emission, spray and spray facilities are installed at the site. 1n order to reduce noise, noise barriers are installed in the operation area; When pouring concrete, in order to reduce the traffic pressure, the construction site coordinates with the commodity supplier, transports many vehicles at one time, stops in the construction site, and pours continuously; At night, the booster pump is moved to the area far away from the residential area to increase the pipe length to achieve the purpose of noise reduction; Communicate with the street and community in advance to get the residents’ understanding of the possible disturbing construction

????????????????????????81″ Modern enterprises have changed their pursuit from profit maximization to value maximization. 1t is the conscience of the city to deliver the projects with quality and quantity guaranteed. 1t is the conscience of the city to carry out the technological innovation of saving water, electricity and materials. 1t is also the conscience of the city to reduce the urban pains in construction. These “unjust money” are not unjustly spent at all. The economic value and social benefits it brings far exceed the input. ” The person in charge of the Central South Company of the first company of the Third Bureau interprets the enterprise’s “profit outlook” in this way

the investment of the remote monitoring system is 2 million yuan

Jiangxi construction site

“moved” to the office

? on the computer screen, the east flow of the Yangtze River is magnificent, the camera is close, the workers wearing safety helmets and green reflective vests are binding steel bars on the roof, and the working face is clean and orderly. Yesterday, the reporter saw a construction site far away in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province in Zhongnan company of the first company of China Construction Third Bureau

? there are more than 20 cameras installed on the climbing frame, building body and wall of the construction site, which are connected with the headquarters in Wuhan through the network. Sitting in the office, you can have a panoramic view of the construction site

?? this remote monitoring system costs more than 2 million yuan, and 28 construction sites of the company are equipped with this system. Where the protection is not in place, where the materials are stacked in disorder, where there are idle people and so on, the construction progress of the working face and the living area environment are close at hand, even a small cigarette end on the ground can be seen. 1f problems are found, the headquarters will make a phone call and rectify them immediately on site. The rectification effect will be shown immediately through video< Wu Jianwen, deputy manager of the company, said: "remote monitoring has increased investment, but as a means of management, it plays an important role. Check the progress, safety and quality through video, find problems, and schedule immediately. 1t's worth the money. " ? this company with an annual output value of 3 billion yuan is full of garden like construction sites and beautiful climbing frames. The office building is a four story old building that has been used for more than 10 years, and the general manager’s office is also very simple list of “unjust money” at the construction site. The construction site has been selected as one of the city’s “ten most beautiful walls” and has become a beautiful scenic line in the prosperous road section< 1.2 million yuan was invested in the greening of Qiaokou Xinghui Yunjin construction site. 1t has improved the construction site environment, pleased the staff's body and mind, won the top of the city's "ten most beautiful construction sites" and the national green construction demonstration project ???????????????????????. According to 12 hours per day, the energy-saving street lamp can be used for 8 years, saving 8760 degrees of electricity and saving 4084 yuan ?????????????????????. Compared with wood mold, aluminum mold saves wood and reduces deforestation by more than 20 hectares ???????????????????????????????????; On the other hand, some construction sites bring pain to the city, such as traffic, atmosphere, noise and so on, disturbing the lives of residents ?? can these pains only be relieved by hanging a “please forgive me” sign outside the wall of the construction site? The practice of the first company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau is commendable, and it is worth learning from the builders ?? in order to prevent the road surface from being polluted by waste soil, we even pay to harden the road of waste soil yard; 1n order to reduce noise nuisance, noise barriers will be installed in the operation area; 1n order to coordinate the construction site with the surrounding environment and spend a lot of money on planting trees, it seems that these practices increase the construction cost and reduce the profits of the enterprise. 1n the view of the managers of this enterprise, they are inevitable for the enterprise to stress the conscience of the city ????????????????????????81. What we hope is that in the process of building monuments, we will sacrifice less our urban environment and less the comfort of the residents; Less such sacrifice requires more ambition of builders to strengthen self-management and more ambition to sacrifice small interests of enterprises copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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