Spider king creates the largest production base of labor protection shoes in the world

recently, spider king group, a leading enterprise in China’s leather industry, signed the first phase of 5 sets of production lines, each of which is RMB 8 million yuan, with the world-class shoemaking equipment supplier, Germany Claude nadesma shoemaking machine Co., Ltd. 1t has 5 sets of the most advanced texma shoe-making equipment in the world at present, and produces medium and high-grade labor protection shoes, mainly for export, and is exclusive in China. The successful introduction of new equipment indicates that spider king, who has made outstanding achievements in the domestic sales of leather shoes, has begun to enter the international market with great efforts, aiming to achieve both internal and external development, so as to make spider king’s main business stronger and bigger

in the past 10 years, spider king enterprise has been adhering to the concept of “pragmatism can realize the dream”, successfully realized the unconventional and leap forward development, and formed a large non regional private enterprise group with the shoe industry as the leader and diversified development

based on its own industrial advantages, it launched a major project with an international perspective. Build labor protection shoes production base from a high starting point. Specializing in the production of export-oriented high-grade safety shoes. 1t is reported that the spider king phase 111 1ndustrial Park, with an investment of 280 million yuan and covering an area of 140 mu in Feiyun River, Ruian, Wenzhou, has been put into operation, and will continue to spend a huge sum of money to introduce the first-class injection machine assembly line of German DESMA, aiming to build the world’s largest production base of labor protection shoes in three years

as for spider king’s move to enter the field of labor protection shoes, Xu Chengjian, chairman of the company, said with confidence that the market of labor protection shoes is very broad. At present, the production of labor protection shoes has gradually shifted from developed countries to developing countries. 1n the future, China will be the largest production place of labor protection shoes in the world. 1n a period of time in the future, the company will take the labor protection shoes project as a major project to operate, and said that spider king, who has been ready for a long time, is very optimistic about the market prospect of labor protection shoes

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