Spider Man: a new generation of scenery

Not long ago, when two external wall cleaners were working at the height of more than 20 floors of a building on Yan’an west road, they fell from a height due to broken ropes and died

a broken rope caused two workers to fall and die. Today, with the hard work of “Spider Man” and the cleaning of high-rise buildings in the city, people sigh and worry about their safety

in the investigation, the reporter found that there is no mandatory access mechanism or relevant legal norms in the field of high-altitude cleaning in China. This means that anyone can set foot in this high-risk industry, organize a high-altitude cleaning team, and get a share in the high-altitude cleaning industry

when regulators focus on whether the practitioners are “certified”, many worrying situations are ignored

there are many high-rise buildings in the city, and “Spider Man” has gradually become a scene

those workers who climb on the external walls of high-rise buildings in the city for cleaning work rely on safety ropes to hang themselves outside the buildings with several, more than ten or even dozens of floors, and slowly slide down from the roof to clean the glass and external walls. Because they can make good use of all kinds of safety equipment and their own balance ability, they are known as “Spiderman” like spiders up and down the side of tall buildings

Chen Jian, from Sichuan, has been a spider man for seven years. His daily work is to hang in the air, hold the rope in one hand and hold a long brush in the other. He constantly dips the prepared liquid medicine from the bucket behind him, and skillfully completes various cleaning actions. 1n order to clean the largest area of the wall, he has to constantly kick with his feet and move his body in the high air…

Chen Jian clearly remembers that one day soon after he became a “Spider Man”, he was arranged by the company to clean a 40 storey building with the highest distance of about 120 meters from the ground. He tied the safety belt on the top of the building, and then stood in the basket. While cleaning the outer wall, he slowly moved down along the rope. When he moved to the 20th floor, the basket was suddenly swayed back and forth by the wind, and the whole basket tilted outward. Standing in the basket, he lost his center of gravity for a moment, and he leaned back. The cleaning rod in his hand flew several feet away. Fortunately, when the cleaning rod fell to the ground, it didn’t hit anyone. Fortunately, he was tied with a safety rope, and the hanging basket was quickly pulled to the roof by his colleagues, so he was safe. But now he often thinks of that fright, and he is still afraid

having “climbing and erecting work permit” does not mean absolute safety

with the increasing number of high-rise buildings in cities, the demand for high-altitude cleaning is also increasing. There are more and more “Spiderman” like Chen Jian, but the status quo of high-altitude cleaning industry is not optimistic. 1n the past two years, the news of spider man’s death or injury often makes people sigh

in an interview, Zhang Jiaming, director of Beijing Municipal Administration of work safety, said that an average of 40 people in Beijing die in high-altitude work such as building cleaning and air conditioning installation every year. Statistics show that there are more than 10000 people engaged in building cleaning and other high-altitude operations in Beijing, including many “illegal” employees

the so-called “illegal” refers to “unlicensed” employment. Since March 2009, climbing and erecting workers have been included in the scope of special workers in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities. They can only work in the corresponding types of work after passing the safety technology training assessment and obtaining the corresponding special operation certificate, namely “climbing and erecting operation certificate”. At that time, Shanghai required the training and assessment of “Spider Man” before September 2009. 1f the construction party employs untrained personnel to work at height, those who have serious consequences will bear criminal responsibility

Chen Jian believes that the original intention of this regulation is to protect “Spiderman”, but as far as he knows, there are still many “Spiderman” working without a license. The main reason is the fierce competition in the high-altitude cleaning industry. Some companies are even reducing their safety costs. How can they send their employees to training again

in fact, this is what makes Chen Jian and his workers more worried. 1f the company cuts corners on safety equipment in order to save costs, even if it has a “climbing and erecting permit”, it does not mean absolute safety

compared with the entry threshold, “Spiderman” needs more protective rope

in this accident, two “Spiderman” fell and died in Yan’an west road. Both of them had “climbing and erecting operation certificates”, but they lost their lives because they were short of a protective rope

according to the national standard of “safety technical specification for suspension operation of seat plate single spreader” (hereinafter referred to as “technical specification”), when workers are carrying out high-altitude suspension operation, they slide down along the “work rope”, and next to them, another “safety rope” is buckled with the safety belt on their body through a device called self-locking device, “Safety rope” is connected with a long fixed rope at the top, which bears the impact force of human body when falling, so it is also called “life rope”. This “work rope” should be stably fixed on the hanging point device with a bearing capacity of more than 330 kg, and a hanging point device can only be occupied by one worker

in this accident, the “life rope” used by the two workers was not buckled up with the safety belt tied at their waist, and they used the same “work rope”, which eventually led to the rupture of one rope and the death of both of them

in fact, the technical specification has quite strict technical requirements for the protective rope, and the cost is not cheap: a 100 meter protective rope costs 10000 yuan, and its service life is only one year at most. However, with the increasingly fierce competition, the standard of about 2 yuan for a square meter of building facade cleaning by regular and large-scale cleaning enterprises can be reduced to 89 cents per square meter in some enterprises. The hidden dangers behind this are really worrying

it is impossible to rely on self-discipline of enterprises alone

there is no doubt that high-altitude cleaning is a work that requires professional ability and safety. However, the reporter found that there is no compulsory access mechanism in this field

although the high altitude service industry branch of China Occupational Safety and Health Association has launched the “measures for the management of safety production certificate of high altitude cleaning and suspension operation enterprises (Trial)”, this method only indicates that “the member enterprises that have not obtained the safety production certificate of high altitude cleaning and suspension operation enterprises shall not engage in high altitude cleaning and suspension operation”, and has no mandatory effect. Moreover, the high altitude service industry branch is only an industry organization spontaneously organized by the cleaning associations of major cities in China

also in Shanghai, the professional committee of building (structure) cleaning and cleaning, which is affiliated to Shanghai city appearance and Environmental Hygiene 1ndustry Association, undertakes the functions of identifying and issuing grade 1 to grade 111 certificates for cleaning enterprises. This committee is a self regulatory organization initiated by several high altitude cleaning and cleaning companies, and lacks mandatory provisions< 1t's not easy to be a spider man. not everyone can do the special type of work at height, which requires strict physical examination. People suffering from acrophobia, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis and other diseases are not allowed to work at height. After strict training and assessment, the “Spider Man” can take up the post only after obtaining the work permit of climbing and erecting. 1n addition, due to the “Spider Man” in the cleaning process needs to rely on the rope to complete the work, so there are also requirements for the height and weight of those engaged in the work. The best height is between 1.70 and 1.75 meters, and the best weight is about 62.5 kg. People over 70 kg are not suitable for aerial work cleaning the special building structure of the Oriental Pearl Tower, the swaying of the air, the tilt and turnover of the body must rely on mutual trust and cooperation, so team spirit is also important. Br / >
in addition, climbing work is also limited by the natural climate. For example, the external wall cleaning must be carried out under good weather conditions, and the work should be stopped when the wind force is above 4. Therefore, the wind force, especially the high-altitude wind force, should be measured before work; Rain, snow, fog, poor visibility and temperature above 35 â„?and below 0 â„?are also not suitable for external wall cleaning.

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