Spiderman in the city

They are like spiders, climbing among the buildings in the city. No matter how hot or cold it is, they clean the exterior walls of the high-rise buildings in the city at an altitude of 40 or 50 meters above the ground. They are known as spiders. Yuan Yonggang is one of them. 1n 10 years, he cleaned a quarter of the high-rise buildings in Zhengdong New District, He is doing dangerous and hard work just for a dream, “1 work outside the glass, just for my son to work inside the glass in the future.”

“one quarter of the buildings in Zhengdong New Area are clean by me”

on December 20, the top of Zhengzhou 360 square international trade building was filled with cold wind

yuan Yonggang and his colleagues skillfully tied one end of a 4 cm thick long rope firmly to the fence post, and the other end was tied to his waist, tied with a safety rope, rolled over and slid down the rope, holding a long handle brush to work

looking around, they are like “Spider Man” climbing between urban buildings in the movie

yuan Yonggang, 36, has been engaged in high-altitude cleaning industry in Zhengzhou for 10 years

“since 1 was young, 1 dropped out of junior high school to work in Zhengzhou. 1n order to support their families, they started spider man in 2003. ” Yuan Yonggang said

“for the first time, it’s really heavy head, weak legs and cold sweat on the head. Look at the pedestrians and vehicles below, just like ants and matchboxes. ” When it comes to his first high-altitude work, Yuan Yonggang still has a lingering fear” 1’ve been working for 10 years. Now 1 don’t feel much about my homework. Sometimes when 1’m tired, 1 turn around and look down on the city. The scenery is beautiful. “

safety helmet, waterproof work clothes, rubber shoes, safety belt, suction cup, cleaning bucket with hair, scraper, shovel and glass cleaner are the complete equipment of “Spider Man”

“if the building is relatively clean, just wash it with a towel dipped in glass cleaner. 1f it is dirty, it must be washed with a water pipe

“many high-rise buildings in Zhengzhou are cleaned by me. 1n Zhengdong New Area, 1 do a quarter of the office buildings, such as Zhonghua building, China National Grain Reserve building, Liji, world trade and Agricultural Bank of China.” 1n the past 10 years, Yuan Yonggang not only witnessed the rise of the New District, but also won the foundation of life for his family with his brush

“if someone falls down, they can get up again. We just fall once, but we can’t get up.” Yuan Yonggang jokingly said, “in our business, we must be more careful and careful. One detail often determines life and death.”

it’s a dangerous job. Working at a height of 40 or 50 meters above the ground, they hang themselves outside a building with dozens of floors only by a safety rope to clean the glass and external walls of the floor. Looking from afar, it is always frightening

“as long as the protective measures are carefully taken and everything is carried out in accordance with the procedures, there is basically no problem.” Yuan Yonggang said. Following the procedure is the biggest guarantee for the safety of this type of work. For example, when tying a rope, at the corner, flexible things such as towels and tires will be used to wrap the corner, so as to prevent abrasion of the working rope

“the load-bearing capacity of aerial work rope and seat plate is specified, and they all have service life and need to be replaced regularly. At work, the rope is our life and the most important guarantee for the safety of operation. Don’t look down upon this rope. 1t can be used to pull a ship. 1t can bear 7 tons! “

“in addition to the employment permit, you should also have the work permit issued by the safety bureau. People suffering from acrophobia, high blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases are not allowed to work at heights. People weighing more than 70 kg are not allowed to work at heights. 1n addition, climbing operations are also limited by the natural climate. For example, exterior wall cleaning must be carried out under good climatic conditions. 1f the wind force is above grad4, the work should be stopped. When the rain, snow, fog, poor visibility and temperature are above 35 ℃ and below 0 ℃, exterior wall cleaning is not suitable. ” Shi Zhiguo, Secretary General of Henan cleaning industry association, said

yuan Yonggang has worked in this seemingly dangerous industry for 10 years, but he claims that he has never been in a dangerous situation

“those who fall from high altitude either go to work without training or do not carefully check the equipment before going to work.” Yuan Yonggang said< At the end of this year, the cleaning industry has ushered in the peak of the year “the external wall of the international trade building is nearly 20000 square meters. There are seven of us, and the basic workload is about six days. By the end of the year, the work schedule was basically full, and there was not a day to spare. ” Yuan Yonggang cleans more than 50 high-rise buildings like the international trade building every year, about 1 million square meters the weather turns cold, especially at high places” 1t’s not flexible to wear too much in the air, sometimes you have to bear it. 1f you work six hours a day, it’s easy to be blown through by the cold wind. The days are short in winter, so when we have to rush to work, we often don’t eat for most of the day. ” Yuan Yonggang said with a smile. 1n fact, not only in winter, but also in summer, they have to wear long sleeve clothes and trousers and wrap them tightly to ensure safety yuan Yonggang’s hands have turned purple with cold this winter, and his palms are full of calluses. He rolled up his sleeves and trouser legs. There were many scars on his arms and knees “in our business, who doesn’t have a few scars? High altitude work, the center of gravity is not easy to grasp, bumps are common to us 1n their hearts, as long as they can safely return home every day, is the biggest wish “the glass of some buildings is blown by the wind and rain all the year round and has scale, which is particularly difficult to clean; Some buildings are complex in structure, which can only be removed and cleaned by suction cup, which is more dangerous. Sometimes it’s a big problem to go to other cities to clean the buildings, and the fees are in arrears. “ despite his hard work, Yuan Yonggang still likes this job” This job gives my family a better life than before. And when you walk in the streets of Zhengzhou, looking at a clean and beautiful building, you can say with pride, “look, this building is my clean one!”! 1 feel that 1 have also made contributions to Zhengzhou. 1 feel very happy and have a great sense of achievement. “ “1 work outside the glass of the building now, just for my children to work inside the glass in the future.” with the development of economy, the number of high-rise buildings in Zhengzhou is increasing by leaps and bounds, and the market of external wall cleaning is gradually mature. “Spider Man” has become an indispensable occupation in the city< According to Yuan Yonggang, the high-rise buildings in downtown areas and Zhengdong CBD are usually cleaned at least once a year, with an average cleaning area of 20000 square meters. At present, the price of cleaning glass walls i2.5-3 yuan per square meter. After removing the workers' wages and various costs, each building can earn about 4000 yuan yuan Yonggang has been in Zhengzhou for 20 years, where he married, had children, had his own family, and added a minivan two years ago. My son is 13 years old and is studying in junior high school in Zhengzhou. “He is 1.83 meters tall, and his study is not bad.” he is the sole source of the family’s income. “1 have to work hard to make money,” he repeatedly stressed to reporters, “1 have no land, no technology and no diploma in the city. My family’s life depends on me.” this dangerous but not limited to diploma high-income job is not only the guarantee for him to maintain his life in the city, but also the foundation for his future life “1 work outside the glass of the building now, just for my children to work inside the glass in the future.” When climbing in the sky, Yuan Yonggang would have such a vision our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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