Spiritual beating for safety

When the subjective sense of safety has a blind spot, the perfect system and protective measures become empty talk, and sometimes the negligence between thoughts will lead to irreparable losses. Therefore, to ensure safety at all times, we need to carry out “spiritual beating” from time to time. Behind many accidents, indifference of safety consciousness and paralysis of ideology are the killers. Safety does not come with everything. 1t is a code of conduct that must always be kept in mind and practiced. Therefore, we should strengthen the daily safety education and self reflection, build a strong ideological fence, and constantly improve our safety awareness through frequent “spiritual beating”

managers should strengthen the daily safety education, so that the safety awareness can penetrate into our blood and accompany us. Only by constantly receiving safety education, constantly improving the ideological understanding, planting the seeds of “safety” in the consciousness, and constantly reminding ourselves, can we make preventive measures, find out the weak links and hidden dangers in safety work, and ensure safety. At the same time, we should seriously learn from the experience and lessons of “the front car’s reply, the back car’s lesson”, improve safety vigilance, consciously overcome the fluke psychology in the work of safety production, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents

the safety awareness in work should be obtained through self work practice and self reflection. Therefore, employees should strengthen self reflection. Reflection is not a “review” in the general sense, but a process of examining and analyzing one’s own behaviors and results in production safety with one’s own work as the thinking object. 1t is a process of reflection, thinking, exploration and solving problems in all aspects of production safety

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