Spot check shows that some safety helmets are actually unsafe

yesterday, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision released the safety helmet quality inspection results show that many safety helmets have quality problems, and wearing such safety helmets will bring safety hazards to relevant personnel

this time, the quality supervision department carried out supervision and spot check on 20 batches of safety helmets. The spot check results show that there are three main quality problems: first, the wearing height is unqualified, and there are two batches of unqualified wearing height; Second, the impact absorption performance is unqualified. 1n this spot check, the impact absorption performance of one batch of products does not meet the standard requirements; Third, the chin strap strength is unqualified, which may cause injury to the neck of the operator in case of collision or fall, and even cause asphyxia in case of serious accident. 1n this spot check, four batches of chin strap strength are unqualified

in this spot check, Yongjia safety helmet produced by Zhejiang Yongjia General Electric Appliance Factory and Xiang’an safety helmet produced by Chang’an plastic labor protection products Co., Ltd. are unqualified(Reporter he Baoguo)

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