Spring wheat field chemical spray protective clothing should be ready

With the arrival of spring, everything begins to recover and grow, and it’s time for wheat to grow and develop. 1n the following busy farming season, farmers start to wear protective clothing to run around the fields for comprehensive safety protection< However, there are several points to be paid attention to in spring wheat field: 1. The application time should be between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on sunny days with no wind or breeze, and the temperature should be stable above 10 ℃ for more than three consecutive days from returning green to jointing

5. Wear protective clothing, gloves, masks, etc. when spraying< The second dilution method should be used to prepare herbicides. First pour the medicine into a small amount of water, stir it evenly and mix it into the mother liquor, then pour it into the sprayer containing half of the clear water, add water to the water requirement, and stir it evenly. Br / >
7. The waste such as residual liquid medicine, medicine bottles and medicine bags should be treated in a centralized way, and the unused medicine should be kept properly to prevent environmental pollution and accidents.

when we are busy farming in spring, we must remember to wear protective clothing to prevent pesticides and other crops from threatening human body

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