st-fdg gas mask of Sichuang appears in new clothes

Sichuang gas mask is the recommended brand of labor protection industry in China, and Sichuang FDG is the “national technology innovation fund project”, “national key new products” and “major scientific and technological achievements of Hubei Province”. Szech FDG integrates all kinds of honors. Of course, it won’t disappoint everyone who wears it. No matter the design, material selection, or details, it shows originality< Since March 2017, in order to adapt to the market development, crack down on counterfeit products and improve product identification, st-fdg packaging has been comprehensively upgraded. Before upgrading, the packaging is mainly gray and green, and after upgrading, it is mainly golden yellow and white, which is concise and clear, Highlights the FDG features adjustable double head band and the unique characteristics of using nano silica gel material, adding WeChat official account number two dimensional code, WeChat scan a little attention, later surprise! the comparison chart before and after the revision is as follows: st-fdg preferred medical silicone material. The main body of the mask is made of medical silica gel, which has stable performance in extreme environment, can withstand high temperature in summer, no deformation, no peculiar smell, anti allergy, no hardening and embrittlement in low temperature in winter, good skin sealing, no leakage, and ensures ultra-high filtration efficiency. After use, the main body of the mask can be cleaned and recycled, with good quality and low price reverse hem design. Double layer silica gel anti folding structure, more effectively improve air tightness, comfortable fit face double head belt design. The double head strap is adjustable, elastic and easy to fix. 1t can be adjusted according to the comfort of wearing. 1t can adapt to large swing operation in different environments. 1t is stable and not easy to slide. The double head belt design can also relieve the pressure of wearing for a long time single box filter box design. The single box anti-virus filter design makes it more light and comfortable to wear, reduces the head load, and adapts to long-time wearing operation can pusher design. Push open design, one push can remove the filter box, one press can install the filter box, replace the filter box more convenient and fast suction valve design. The one-way suction valve is designed to open or close the corresponding valve piece when suction gas, effectively reducing suction resistance, eliminating moist air in the mask and improving air circulation one mask has many kinds of protection. The mask can be matched with different filter boxes, and a variety of filter boxes can meet different protection needs. For example, “FDG” + “ldh-3 filter box” can be used to protect the harmful gas formaldehyde, etc; When spraying pesticides, “FDG” + “ldh-7 filter box” can be used for escort to avoid pesticide poisoning. Match different filter boxes in different environments to replace the filter box timely and effectively to protect your health

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