Standard requirements for customized antifouling work clothes

1n the work clothes customization, there are various requirements for special functions, such as anti-static, antibacterial, waterproof, antifouling and so on. So how do these functions come out? The following small make-up to talk about one of the custom-made standards of antifouling work clothes, only to meet such custom-made conditions, such antifouling work clothes can really achieve antifouling function

first of all, the fabric of antifouling work clothes is different from other ordinary work clothes. 1ts fabric is made of polyester and polytetrafluoroethylene by special equipment. Therefore, compared with other work clothes, it has some special functions. Moreover, because 100% pure polyester silk is made to order, it is extremely convenient to wear and will not be easily scratched, 1t has high wear resistance

because of these characteristics, many companies now like to customize such antifouling work clothes for their employees. Recently, Xiaobian has received such requests from several customers. Now more and more enterprises have begun to choose antifouling work clothes, not only because it is not easy to get dirty, but also because it can make it difficult for employees to get stains when they produce products! Does your company have custom-made antifouling overalls

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