Standards and application scope of labor protection shoes

Different regions and countries have different specifications for labor protection shoes. The more common standards are as follows< European common market safety standard (en344.1:1992) according to the test methods and specifications of this standard, labor protection shoes can be divided into three types: . En345.1:1992: professional labor protection shoes, with steel plate built in the toe, can prevent the impact force equal to 200 joules (J)< En346.1:1992: protective shoes for professional use, with built-in steel plate on the toe cap, can resist impact force equal to 100 joules (J)< En347.1:1992: professional work shoes, no steel plate in the toe< American Standard (ansi-z41-1991) according to the resistance of shoes to compression and impact, labor protection shoes with protective toe cap can be divided into three types< The Australian standard (as / NZS 2210.1:1994) divides labor protection shoes into four types, 1t includes: . Heavy duty labor protection shoes . Medium duty labor protection shoes . Light duty labor protection shoes . Waterproof labor protection shoes 4. National standard of the people’s Republic of China . G.b.4014-83 leather labor protection shoes . G.b.7054-86 rubber surfaced anti smashing safety shoes 5. Japanese standard (j1s-t-8015:1983) The labor protection shoes are mainly from Europe, so the content of this paper will focus on the basis of European common market safety standards select the appropriate labor protection shoes before choosing, we must first understand the main hazards leading to direct or indirect injury of employees’ feet, including the following six items: 1. Being touched by hard, rolling or falling objects

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