standards and precautions of FRP safety helmet

The standard of FRP safety helmet

the state has implemented the management of industrial production license and safety label for safety helmet. GB2811-2007 safety helmet is a compulsory standard. The production enterprise of safety helmet products must pass the system review and approval of the competent department, provide necessary environmental conditions and facilities, product inspection equipment, quality management personnel, inspection personnel, technical personnel and production personnel, organize production ability, quality management and control ability, and delivery inspection ability. Each batch of products produced by an enterprise must pass the sampling inspection before leaving the factory

problems to be noted

1. Before use, check the appearance of FRP safety helmet for cracks, bruises, bumps and abrasion, check whether the liner is complete, whether the structure of the liner is in normal state, and discard the helmet in time if there are obvious defects affecting its performance, 1n order to avoid affecting the protective effect

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