Staring at the meter all night

At 1:00 a.m. on the 4th, the night was like ink. As usual, Liu Donghai, a young operator in No.3 work area of No.2 operation Department of Jinling Petrochemical Company, carried out “internal operation” of desulfurization and separation unit in the workshop, i.e. checking instrument data

when others rest, they are still working overtime. They are used to it. “They have been used to it for a long time, and they should be in a good state when they are on duty. This is the most basic ethics. What’s more, it’s meaningful to work on Labor Day Liu Donghai said with a smile

Liu Donghai is easy to say, but their work is not easy. There are five teams and groups in the third work area of the second operation Department, and the workers have “four shifts and two shifts”. On the night shift, they arrive at 10 p.m. and leave work at 8 a.m. ten people in the shift are on duty together. He is responsible for “n-butane” and “alkali regeneration” devices

“our job is to look at the six interfaces on the instrument, on which there are data of various process parameters. We copy the records, and if we observe changes or faults, let the” external operator “adjust them in time.”

Liu Donghai told reporters that in addition to controlling the “internal operation” of the computer in the operation room, he also carried out “external operation” – full nature outdoor inspection of the production device” The temperature is the best now. 1n summer, the thermometer shows that the ground temperature is almost 60 ℃! When 1 take off the helmet, it’s all water. 1 didn’t change the towel many times! ” Liu Donghai, whose hometown is in Northeast China, sighs, “it’s really hot in Jiangsu summer without joking! But we are old men, and we have to do well! “

at two o’clock in the morning, the night was quiet. He was staring at the instrument with blood in his eyes and fatigue on his face” We’ll have dinner in a minute. ” Sure enough, a worker brought steamed buns, tea, eggs and milk, “make do with it, 1’m sure it’s not as good as my daughter-in-law.” Liu Donghai joked, simple and some naughty smile rippling on his face

“gone!” At eight o’clock in the morning, Liu Donghai said goodbye to the workers one by one, got on his bike, leaned against the morning light, and disappeared at the gate of the factory. 1n front of us are the day shift workers

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