Starting from the “head” and focusing on safety

June this year is the 20th month of production safety in China. The slogans and slogans of production safety, alarm bell, safety first, prevention first and so on remind us that we must pay attention to details, strictly implement safety regulations, take safety measures, wear safety helmets and fasten safety belts in production safety work. On the contrary, in order to save trouble, there are rules and regulations. A safety helmet, a safety belt of neglect, will lead to casualties. Don’t look at this small helmet, it can be of great use at critical moments. 1t will not only take care of your life all the time, but also bring happiness and safety to you and your family. Therefore, for each operator entering the construction site, we remind you to wear safety helmet as required

safety work is related to the production, efficiency and reputation of enterprises, as well as the happiness of families. 1n production safety, there are some small things, as long as we use more snacks and move more, we can easily do well, so as to ensure our safety. Often because of “small things”, did not cause enough attention, so that lead to disaster. Whether the details of personal behavior are safe or not is clearly stipulated in the rules and regulations, and we all know the interests. However, some people don’t care, there are misunderstandings in safety awareness, and take it lightly. Such as entering the operation site without safety helmet, not wearing work clothes according to the regulations in the maintenance operation, etc., they think that the safety is for the leaders to see, is to deal with the inspection, the leaders are in time, fully armed, all in accordance with the rules of operation; As soon as the leader left, he became careless, loose and indifferent; Even regard the reminder of safety supervision personnel as “meddle in one’s own business” and produce resistance. This time, there was no safety accident. Once or twice… After a long time, they would form a habit and lay hidden dangers for their own personal safety. Once there was an accident, the light ones would be damaged, and the heavy ones would be life-threatening. 1n the end, they would have their own consequences. Therefore, we need to learn from the rigorous work style of the American representative, his strong sense of safety self-protection and his attitude that safety is more important than everything. Many accidents, often due to a moment of neglect, happen in a moment of things, a little attention, the moment will lead to tragedy. Safety work procedures and systems are all derived from the lessons of blood. We must not verify them at the same cost

safety helmet is known as “talisman”, which protects our most vulnerable parts with a small safety investment. Therefore, we must correctly wear safety helmet when entering the construction site. As personal head protective equipment, safety helmet can effectively prevent and reduce the head injury caused by collision, falling objects or self falling in the production operation. The safety helmet is composed of a cap shell, a cap liner, a jaw belt, a rear hoop, etc. Although we can’t do without it in our work, we may not be able to explain how to use it thoroughly. According to the statistics of relevant departments, 15% of the accidents caused by falling objects are caused by improper use of safety helmets. Although the safety helmet is small, its function cannot be ignored

safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. To grasp safety, we must start from every detail. 1t’s easy and simple to wear a helmet; But it shows an attitude, a responsibility and an image. Wear safety helmet, life is guaranteed; 1f you don’t wear safety helmet, you will go with you in case of accident. After wearing safety helmet, you will feel heavy immediately and have the safety consciousness of being restrained. The heavy safety helmet reminds every employee that safety is a kind of responsibility. We must pay attention to strengthening the work of safety production, restrict and warn everyone who enters the site that safety is for me, 1 want safety, don’t take risks and don’t act rashly

wearing safety helmet is an embodiment of the enterprise’s responsibility to employees, an important measure to protect employees’ lives, and the greatest care for employees. What you wear is not only a safety helmet, but also a matter of your personal, family and business happiness. 1t is the mother’s instructions, the wife’s concerned eyes, and the child’s smiling face. Safety is no trivial matter. Safety is connected with you, me and him. Let each of us start from me, from details, from trivial matters, from safety, from “head”(China labor insurance net)

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