State Grid Nanhe power supply company: self inspection of safety tools to lay a solid foundation for safety

Recently, the State Grid Nanhe county power supply company organized the self inspection of safety tools to ensure the safety and reliability of all kinds of safety tools

in this inspection, the company carried out a comprehensive and detailed inspection on all kinds of safety tools and instruments in strict accordance with the regulations on the management of safety tools and instruments and the regulations on safety work in electric power industry. 1n this inspection, the appearance inspection method is used to check whether the insulation ladder, pliers, screwdrivers and other safety tools are in good condition; Check whether the work clothes, insulating shoes and safety helmets of on-site operators are complete and qualified, and timely solve and deal with the problems found, so as to fundamentally eliminate bringing the damaged or overdue safety tools into the work site. The development of the safety inspection accurately grasped the current situation of safety tools, promoted the standardized management and configuration of safety tools, improved the standardized construction level of safety tools, effectively avoided unqualified tools flowing into the operation site, and laid a solid safety foundation for power grid safety work

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