State Grid Xiangtan power supply company’s safety tools “physical examination” escorts the power grid autumn inspection

“The insulating gloves are up to standard, and there is no abnormality in appearance inspection.” 1n recent days, in order to prepare for the autumn maintenance peak and ensure the normal use of safety tools, Xiangtan power supply company of State Grid has concentrated professional forces to carry out routine tests on safety tools, consolidate the foundation of on-site safety management and escort the autumn inspection

in order to strictly implement the test standards of safety tools and instruments, Xiangtan power supply company of State Grid organizes on-site training for electrical test personnel, and requires the staff to seriously study the test contents of safety tools and instruments in “electric power safety work regulations” and master the operation methods and test requirements of test instruments. Relying on the advanced test equipment of the high voltage test hall of the maintenance company, at present, the substation maintenance room can carry out the test of insulating rods, safety belts, safety helmets, insulating boots, insulating gloves, test rods, insulating bucket trucks and other appliances. According to the working process and specifications, the qualified tools and instruments shall be issued with test report and pasted with qualified label, and the unqualified safety tools and instruments shall be marked and scrapped to prevent them from being brought into the operation site. With the help of safety supervision management system and PMS safety tools account information system, realize the standardized management of safety tools, ensure that all safety tools are sent for inspection on time and do a good job in daily maintenance, and prevent overdue and problematic safety tools from flowing into the site

as of September 20, Xiangtan power supply company of State Grid has completed the inspection and test of 467 pairs of insulating gloves, 74 pairs of insulating boots, 126 insulating operating rods, 102 test rods, 30 safety helmets, 21 pairs of safety belts and 4 insulated bucket trucks. Through the regular inspection of safety tools and instruments, the influence of unsafe tools and instruments on site personal safety is restrained from the source, 1t provides a strong guarantee for the site safety during the autumn maintenance peak period, and provides a strong support for the realization of sustainable and stable safety production situation

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