steel workers under high temperature: wear protective clothing for 12 hours at 50 ℃

Qingdao daily / Qingdao view / qingbao.com recently, the island city continued to have high temperature. 1n the workshop of Qingdao Special Steel Co., Ltd. of C1T1C Pacific special steel group, iron and steel workers still stick to the working environment of more than 50 ℃. 1n front of the converter, the hot steel in the converter breathes the dragon. A few meters away, 1 feel a heat wave coming on my face. The sweat glands on my body seem to have been turned on and off, and the sweat is like a spring(Photo: hot molten steel workers (reporter Fu Xuejun)

“we have to do these actions in every furnace, and we have been used to them for a long time,” said furnace chief Zang Zengshou with a smile. 1n order to prevent the body from being injured by the flying sparks, the firemen need to wear work clothes twice as thick as ordinary clothes. 1n addition, they also need to wear safety helmets, protective glasses, thick gloves and protective shoes

with such strict equipment and the high temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius, ordinary people just don’t do anything and can’t stand standing for a while. Steel workers have to wear thick protective clothing for 12 hours. The thick protective clothing is often wet and dry. When asked about the feeling of making steel in front of the furnace at high temperature, a steelmaker said while wiping his sweat: “although the temperature is high, But if you choose this line, you have to take up your responsibilities. No matter what the environment is, you have to stick to your post and produce qualified molten steel. “

workers are processing and producing special steel products

although it’s hot and sweaty, 1 still measure the size meticulously

carefully observe the product quality

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