stick to the traditional craft: the old man’s Handmade labor protection shoes for safety escort

1n an interview with fuxiangxin shoe factory located in houjiawa community, Fancheng District, we saw that a simple-dressed 60 year old man was making labor protection shoes by hand with files and needles. Gu Taijian made leather shoes with carefully selected leather. Because of its good quality and low price, it has attracted many customers. Some customers often come and buy hundreds of pairs

this old man is Gu Taijian, the boss of this shoe factory. Gu Taijian, 62, is from Shiyan. His story begins in the 1970s” At that time, 1 just graduated from technical school and was assigned to Yunxian local labor protection shoe factory. Many people in the village envied me. ” Gu Taijian told reporters that in those days, there were few state-owned factories in Yunxian County, so it was a dream for many people to go to work in the factories

after entering the factory, Gu Taijian learned to make shoes with his master. 1 don’t know how many times my hand was scratched before 1 mastered this craft, from cutting leather to repairing last, from designing help pattern to sewing. 1n 1999, Gu Taijian’s labor protection leather shoes factory was restructured. Gu Taijian thought that after more than 20 years of working in a shoe factory, he could make shoes. Why not open a handmade shoe shop and be the boss himself. Gu Taijian told his wife who was working in Xiangyang about this idea and got her strong support< 1n March 2000, Gu Taijian's fuxiangxin shoe factory opened near Yueliangwan Park in Fancheng district. Gu Taijian's factory mainly produces high top shoes, low top shoes and low boots" Although these shoes are ugly, the quality is good, and users like them very much. " Gu Taijian said in July this year, the factory was demolished near Yueliangwan Park, and Gu Taijian moved the factory to houjiawa community” To make a pair of labor protection shoes, the labor cost is more than ten yuan, plus the raw materials, it can be said that the profit is very small. Making shoes by hand requires not only skill but also strength. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer young people willing to do it. ” Gu Taijian said Gu Taijian’s daughter and son-in-law all work in the United States. Not long ago, her daughter called Gu Taijian and asked him to close the factory and go to the United States. Gu Taijian disagrees. Gu Taijian said that he would pass on the craft of hand-made leather shoes traditional Chinese craft refers to the craft varieties and skills handed down from generation to generation, with a history of more than 100 years and complete process flow, made of natural materials, with distinctive national style and local characteristics. Professionals engaged in the design and production of traditional crafts are called traditional craftsmen the current situation of traditional crafts is relatively complex, and some crafts are facing the situation of lost, mainly due to complex crafts, low economic benefits and no one in the follow-up. The state has issued a lot of policies to save them, such as intangible cultural heritage, and social media are also vigorously promoting them. Of course, more and more people are paying attention to them and trying to save them in various ways, 1 hope these old crafts can be passed on from generation to generation< Related links: 1. Adhesive shoe process: also known as cold adhesive process, is a process method of using adhesive to connect the upper, inner sole and outer sole together. Due to the different materials of upper and sole bonding surface, the types and properties of adhesives used are also different, such as chloroprene adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, SBS adhesive, etc. Due to its simple process, short production cycle, high production efficiency, low manufacturing cost, fast variety change and easy to expand reproduction, the adhesive process is the most widely used assembly process in the shoemaking industry, accounting for more than 80% of the total shoemaking products. This technology is widely used in leather shoes and sports shoes

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