still think that goggles are only labor protection products? You’re out! Goggles have become a favorite on the court

Every year, there are many people with eye injuries. Many decoration workers are often injured by splashing nails, scrap iron, sawdust and other foreign bodies, causing irreparable damage; During the Spring Festival, there are many children who hurt their eyes by playing firecrackers; Some laboratory researchers accidentally splashed the solvent on their eyes, causing serious chemical injuries

and there is also a large proportion of people, many young people hurt their eyes because of playing basketball or football, ranging from congestion to eyeball rupture, or even eventually eyeball loss… All these are due to their not wearing goggles in work, play or sports

the May Day holiday is coming soon. 1’ll make an appointment with three or five friends to go to the stadium and sweat like rain. How can 1 say “cool”. However, the stadium is like a battlefield, which is the stage for the strong, but no matter how strong people are, they will inevitably get hurt. People who don’t take precautions are stupid. You need a pair of goggles to protect your eyes. NBA players will wear goggles to play from time to time, so it certainly does not affect the play, such as Jabbar, Zhan Huang, Xiao Si and so on. Wearing goggles is like hanging on the sky

and it is said that the girls think that the boys who wear goggles are very handsome. What are you hesitating about? Basketball stars wear goggles to keep up with them. They can not only protect their eyes, weaken the harmful light, help you gallop on the court, but also add points for your handsome appearance