Stitch by stitch for safety

The annual safety month arrived as scheduled, and the women workers in the coal preparation plant were busy again. They are not only busy at work, but also thinking about another thing – embroidering safety insoles.

when it comes to women workers in coal preparation, we have to talk about the coal quality laboratory, where women workers gather, and when it comes to embroidering safety insoles, we also have to talk about them. Shift workers make use of off-duty time to catch up with the progress, and give up watching TV and other entertainment activities after working in the normal class, and make great efforts to contribute to the safety work with their own efforts. Look at the red words of “peace in and out”, “peace in life” and “peace is a blessing” on the insole. How beautiful and true the words are, how flat the green background is, and how neat the yellow edge is. The women workers yelled, as if they were telling it to the men on purpose. At this time, the male worker who has been silent for a long time said that the red is too gorgeous, and the insoles are indeed better embroidered by your female workers, but we are no worse than anyone in terms of safety. Let’s say that red represents warning and danger in actual work. Many devices have red buttons. Green means that the device is running normally, and yellow means that the warning needs attention. 1t’s not only a common color, but also a safe color in our mind

some people say that the safety insole is a small matter, but they have a good heart. How many times to wear one stitch and how many stitches to embroider is to remember how many times to be safe. This invisible belief of safety is firmly “stabbed” in the heart of female workers like embroidery. Moreover, because the number of female workers in many workshops is too small, male workers are also temporarily on the show. 1 don’t know how hard it is if 1 don’t do it. For safety, it’s worth the hard work! Xiao Wang of the raw coal workshop sighed. 1n fact, there are still some people who have been busy embroidering safety insoles. They are the family members of male workers and also safety assistants. 1n this way, many families are husband and wife, both of them are embroidering safety insoles, and some people have ingeniously embroidered the word “safe life” on a pair of insoles separately. The wife embroiders the word “safe life” on her left foot, and the husband embroiders the word “safe life” on her right foot. By coincidence, it not only deepens the family’s understanding of safety, but also takes the responsibility from the bottom of her heart. Every one of them is the pillar of the family. Without safety, they can’t do it. From time to time, the male workers laugh at themselves whether they are embroidering insoles or listening to their daughter-in-law’s safety lessons! But in the hearts of the female workers, there is another idea: that is, their husbands put on the safety insoles. They can see the word “safety” every day whether they change their shoes at work or after work, which is also a reminder. Although we can’t urge them to work safely at the production site, this kind of reminder is a good way. The male workers said that the mat at the foot is not the insole, but the responsibility and safety embroidered with love

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