stories around us: safety effect of safety helmet

“Why are you still wearing a helmet in the car? When you first come to the work area, you always think that the safety helmet is too heavy, too cumbersome and inconvenient to work. That’s good. 1 can’t even bear to take off my helmet. ” At noon on June 29, Nie Dajun, head of Nanyishan operation area of Qinghai Oilfield downhole operation company, said

“the daily safety meeting before and after work, the weekly safety study, the monthly safety lecture, the six prohibitions and the ruthless safety punishment have made me realize the importance of safety in production. Now 1 am not only used to wearing safety helmets at work, but also know how to wear safety helmets.” Zhao Kuangdi, a young worker who changed his job, replied solemnly

downhole operation is the most dangerous job in Qinghai Oilfield. 1n order to implement the work safety responsibility, put it into the post, put it into the specific details, put it into the action of employees, and make each work safety system and standard concise, easy to understand and remember, easy to operate, the underground operation company combed and integrated hundreds of work safety systems and operation standards, and edited the key work safety links into vivid cartoons Poster and easy to understand sentences and warning words, organize cadres and employees to publicize, implement and learn, and guide employees to consciously develop good safety production habits with safety culture

“Sun Jun, you used to wear a helmet without wearing a belt.”” And you’re always wearing your helmet with the visor on the back At the post shift meeting, Nie Dajun, the foreman of the operation team, summed up the safety production on that day and always asked the class members to wear safety helmets correctly

“from now on, please supervise me. 1f 1 put my helmet on my head again, 1 am willing to accept the penalty of one month’s performance pay.”” “Little dot” Chen Dexu made a military order to wear safety helmet in front of everyone

“from being too inconvenient, to being on duty with safety helmets, to actively supervising others to wear safety helmets, employees have a new” love “for safety helmets.” Nie Dajun concluded: “only when a small safety helmet is worn safely can the life of employees be safeguarded.”

“yes, the monitor is right. 1f you don’t wear a helmet properly, it’s not safe.” After the meeting, everyone was talking about the bus to take over

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