strange happenings! The safety helmet was sent for inspection, but the producer on the inspection report was replaced

strange happenings! Safety helmets are sent for inspection

but the producers on the inspection report are replaced

experts call for vigilance against “qualified” means of counterfeiting

for many years, in the market of labor protection articles, the phenomenon of low price and low quality and fake and shoddy products has been repeatedly prohibited. Recently, Beijing Huiyuan Co., Ltd., which produces safety helmets, revealed to the society a strange thing of being detected as “swapping”

recently, when the company visited its users, it happened to find that their “Aini” brand glass fiber reinforced plastic safety helmet was solemnly labeled with the logo of other people’s enterprise

on the two safety helmets obtained by Huiyuan company, the inner side of one safety helmet is labeled with “Xiang’an” safety helmet certificate. The production enterprise is “Cixian Changan plastic labor protection Co., Ltd.”; The other safety helmet is “Scotia” brand, and the manufacturer is “Beijing skoteya protective products company”. However, the national industrial product production license of the company can not be found on the official website of Beijing Municipal Bureau of technical supervision

in fact, the words “Beijing Huiyuan company” embossed on the inside of the brim of these two helmets are clearly visible. On the left side of the word “Huiyuan company”, there is the mark of “GB2811-2007”, which is the code of the national standard of the product. There are other marks in the hat

the person in charge of Huiyuan company confirmed that the two safety helmets were produced by the company

in this case, why do you use genuine safety helmets and label them with the labels of other production companies? After the deep excavation of Huiyuan company, the process behind it is revealed –

it turns out that on December 9 this year, the safety helmet produced by Huiyuan company was sent to an authoritative organization in Beijing by a construction enterprise for testing. According to the two “test reports” of the two safety helmets, the entrusted inspection unit is the project management department of Beijing Metro Line 7 East extension bid 06 of China Railway Erju Engineering Co., Ltd., and the inspection items are “impact, puncture (except aging)”

the relevant indicators of the two safety helmets tested are qualified. However, under the “qualified” item in the test report, the “name of production unit” is not the name of Huiyuan company, but the name of the other two companies mentioned above< According to the analysis of the person in charge of Huiyuan company, it is obvious that the construction enterprises that use safety helmets pay for the inspection of authentic products, and transfer the qualified inspection reports to the other two manufacturers of safety helmets on purpose. The construction enterprise and the supplier are suspected of collusion< The person in charge of Huiyuan company said that the company's sales records showed that the construction enterprises who submitted safety helmets for inspection had not purchased the company's safety helmets in batches. They may have bought Huiyuan helmets in the retail market. After mastering these information, Huiyuan company immediately reported to the relevant management department the company is still learning more about the situation and collecting more evidence to safeguard its rights by legal means after the spread of this matter, some experts in the industry believe that such “fraud”, which has not been reported publicly in the past, should arouse the vigilance of the producers, distributors and users of labor protection articles, and prevent people from taking part in relevant bidding activities to promote the market of substandard and shoddy products with the “swapped” test report as proof some experts also pointed out that under the premise of requiring the supplier to provide the product’s recent quality and performance test report, someone may cheat. For the testing institutions, it should also be prompted that the testing personnel should do more duty to examine the products submitted for inspection, and improve the relevant inspection procedures, so as to plug the loopholes and let the counterfeiters who attempt to “graft” have no gap to drill(China work safety news (Feng Huaihe)

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