Strengthen and improve the assessment mechanism of the construction of shoes industry in Duchang County

with the support and cooperation of the local park office and service units, Jiangxi Xinbu Shoes Co., Ltd., which is located in Furongshan 1ndustrial Park in Duchang, was completed and put into operation two months ahead of schedule. Directly for the company to complete this year’s export of high and medium grade sports shoes series of product orders task, win valuable production time

in order to strengthen the rapid development of the county’s economic projects, since this year, Duchang County has strengthened the assessment mechanism, improved the target measures, optimized the working ideas, and ensured that the projects are carried out quickly and efficiently according to the time limit, requirements, high standards and high quality. Therefore, the county insists on signing the industrial development responsibility certificate every year, and establishes the supervision and assessment mechanism of “one week supervision, one dispatch in January, one notification in quarter, one assessment in half a year, and year-end general evaluation”. Carry out the service system of county leaders for major projects, hold project promotion coordination meetings regularly, and study and solve the difficulties and problems in project promotion. The implementation of policies, the construction progress of industrial projects, industrial taxes, and the employment of industrial enterprises shall be assessed and announced on a regular basis; For the major projects that have been started, we should, in accordance with the requirements of “seizing the progress every minute and ensuring the quality meticulously”, reverse the schedule, fight with wall charts, increase the efforts to promote and speed up the progress of work, so as to promote the project efficiently and complete on schedule; For major projects with many contradictions and great difficulties, we should, in accordance with the requirements of “first-line scheduling, grasping to the end, and achieving at one go”, conduct forward command, high-level supervision, follow-up supervision, and work together to promote them; 1t really forms a good orientation of “everything looks towards the project, everything revolves around the project”

in addition, in order to improve the assessment and incentive measures, this year, the county’s finance has specially arranged an industrial incentive fund of 1 million yuan to mainly encourage the introduction of industrial projects, and give heavy awards to relevant units and individuals who introduce large industrial projects

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