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A few days ago, tuberculosis expert Wang Zhongyuan went to Shuifu County of Yunnan Province to see “strange diseases” for 77 migrant workers returning home, reminding workers to strengthen self-protection

Professor Wang Zhongyuan of the PLA Tuberculosis Research 1nstitute, the Second Affiliated Hospital of the PLA General Hospital (formerly 309 hospital), after dealing with 77 returning migrant workers suffering from the same “strange disease” in Shuifu County, Yunnan Province, expressed a lot of emotion. He believes that the lung is the most important respiratory organ of the human body, with the characteristics of non renewable. As the main economic pillar of ordinary workers and families, once pneumoconiosis occurs, it will directly affect health, lead to the decline or even complete loss of labor ability, and even endanger life. When they are engaged in related labor activities, they should strengthen their awareness of self-protection and reduce the incidence of pneumoconiosis.

pneumoconiosis includes asbestosis, electrician pneumoconiosis, foundry pneumoconiosis, grinder pneumoconiosis, coal pneumoconiosis and so on. 1t mainly comes from the working face of various kinds of work, such as ore mining, stone processing, asbestos processing, electric welding, ceramic manufacturing, forging and turning sand, metal processing and so on, and is caused by inhalation of various kinds of dust. Among them, silicosis caused by quartz processing and mining is the fastest developing and the most serious. The “strange disease” of Shuifu County in Yunnan Province is a strong proof.

Professor Wang reminded that when signing a labor contract, workers should first choose the employing unit with labor security ability, never work in the “three no” enterprise, and they should also have regular physical examination during the working period, so that they can enjoy the corresponding treatment in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations when suffering from occupational diseases. 1n the work, we should strengthen respiratory protection, such as wearing masks and so on. The employer should also strengthen the transformation of technical equipment, improve the dust removal device, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and humidify the working face to reduce the dust concentration in the air. Reducing the working time of workers can also effectively reduce the incidence of disease. 1f the state explicitly stipulates that welders should not work more than 6 hours a day, strict implementation will greatly reduce the incidence of workers’ electrical pneumoconiosis.

Professor Wang said that pneumoconiosis was once a high incidence during the “great leap forward” in that year, and Premier Zhou personally instructed for this: “strengthen the protection of workers.” 1t played an important role in the sharp decline of pneumoconiosis incidence rate in 1960s. General Secretary Hu and Premier Wen also gave important instructions on the handling of the “water rich incident”. Employers and regulatory authorities should strengthen labor protection to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. At present, there is no cure for silicosis, and it is easy to develop pulmonary tuberculosis. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to prevention.

it is worth mentioning that sandstorm and general dust will not cause pneumoconiosis, and the micron level fine dust is the main culprit of pneumoconiosis

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