Strengthen responsibility to ensure construction safety

On the afternoon of May 6, Zhang Wen, deputy director of the municipal key Bureau, presided over the on-site production safety dispatching meeting of No.3 teaching building in Lu’an No.1 Middle East Campus. Responsible comrades of the municipal safety supervision station, Lu’an No.1 Middle East Campus, project No.2 section of the municipal key Bureau, Safety Technology Department of Tiancheng company, construction supervision company and project Department of construction enterprises attended the meeting

since the construction of No.3 teaching building in Lu’an No.1 Middle East Campus started in January, the scheduling has been strengthened and the progress has been accelerated. The main structure has been capped in late April, but some safety production problems have also been exposed on the site, and there are serious safety risks, mainly in the following aspects: safety protection, outer frame support, stair feeding platform erection, gantry installation and use not meeting the specification requirements, etc. The municipal safety supervision station recently issued two rectification notices, but the project construction unit failed to rectify as required. The meeting made it clear that the work should be stopped immediately for rectification< First, we should strengthen the awareness of safety production. There is no trivial matter in safety production. The sound and fast construction of the project is based on safety production, without which nothing can be said. Anhui Tiancheng Construction Co., Ltd. as a key project contractor should consciously achieve safe and civilized construction and strive to create a safe and civilized construction site; As a supervision unit, Lu'an Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. should strictly perform its supervision duties on behalf of the owners, otherwise it will be a serious dereliction of duty Second, implement the responsibility of safety production. The construction unit shall formulate feasible rectification scheme, which shall be checked and checked by safety technology department and supervision department of Tiancheng company. The rectification work is carried out by the Safety Technology Department of Tiancheng company, supervised by the project director of the construction supervision company, and supervised by the project liaison leaders of the key Bureau and the director of the project office< The third is to clarify the rectification time. The project stopped for rectification for 3 days and passed the review of the municipal safety supervision station, but the time was subject to the task, the task was subject to the effect, the potential safety hazards were not eliminated, and the rectification work was not stopped< The fourth is to ensure the safety of the construction site. For the construction of the East-West corridor to be started, full consideration should be given to the middle school entrance examination, the college entrance examination and the school traffic. For the foundation part, night construction should be arranged to speed up the progress of the project and do a good job in safety protection. 1n particular, safe passages should be reserved to ensure the safety of teachers and students and smooth roads our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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