strengthen safety protection layer by layer to create comfortable working environment

Since the implementation of “two learning and one doing” special learning education, the College of science has been facing all kinds of difficulties, adhering to the problem orientation, under the support of relevant departments of the school, striving to solve the outstanding problems of laboratory safety that teachers and students care about, and taking many measures to create a safe and comfortable working environment, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth development of teaching and scientific research work of the college

the leadership attaches great importance to scientific and standardized management. 1n order to strengthen the laboratory safety management, the college has set up a safety leading group composed of leading group, department director and scientific research secretary, which is fully responsible for the laboratory safety management. 1n order to standardize the management, under the guidance of the scientific research institute, the 1nstitute has formulated the regulations on the management of safety and health in scientific research laboratories of the University of science and the detailed rules for the management of chemical safety in scientific research laboratories of the University of science and technology since April this year. 1n order to improve the executive ability, in May this year, the college signed the letter of responsibility for the safety objectives of scientific research laboratories of the College of science with the responsible persons of the laboratories, which requires the laboratories to strictly implement the rules and regulations of the college and the relevant provisions of the letter of responsibility, so as to achieve a clear division of labor and responsibility to each person. 1n addition, on the basis of regular self-examination of each laboratory, the college strengthens the management of each laboratory by means of irregular spot check and reporting the safety management of each laboratory, and timely rectifies the problems found, so as to ensure the safety of laboratories and people. Professor Wang Junru, vice president in charge of scientific research, said that since the college issued the laboratory rules and regulations and signed the target responsibility letter with the person in charge of the laboratory, 1 feel that the management of the laboratories in the college has been gradually standardized, everyone’s awareness of rules and safety in the use of electricity, water and hazardous chemicals has been significantly enhanced, and the laboratory health has greatly improved

strengthen hardware facilities and improve learning and working environment. 1n order to solve the outstanding problems existing in the scientific research laboratory, the college first carried out the ventilation transformation. With the strong support of the infrastructure department, scientific research institute and state owned Assets Department, the college has formulated a detailed transformation plan. After four months of ventilation transformation, the project has entered the final stage. With the support of the school security office, the college equipped each laboratory with fire extinguishers and sandbags. At the same time, the person in charge of each laboratory also took active actions to separate the learning and living area and the experimental operation area in the laboratory, so as to avoid mutual interference and improve the safety factor. 1n addition, the college has also set up outdoor learning and communication places for teachers in the second and third floor corridors of area e of science building, and installed multi-functional large screen to facilitate teachers and students to browse news, consult information and carry out group academic exchanges. Xu Yongqian, associate professor of the Department of chemistry, said that after the ventilation transformation, the laboratory environment was greatly improved. 1n addition, the experimental area was separated from the students’ study and living area, and it was obvious that the school and college attached great importance to and cared for the health of teachers and students. 1n particular, the learning and leisure places set up by the college in the corridor are very warm and convenient. So that researchers have space outside the laboratory

carry out normalized safety education to enhance the safety awareness of teachers and students. On the basis of setting up the course of laboratory safety knowledge and with the support of the scientific research institute, the college has enhanced the safety awareness and self-protection awareness of teachers and students by holding normalized safety education activities such as laboratory safety knowledge competition and special lectures. After the freshmen entered the school, the college invited the relevant person in charge of the security department and experts to give two safety education reports at the undergraduate level and graduate level. Recently, the college also invited Shanghai “laboratory safety training alliance” to give lectures on personal safety protection for teachers and students. Zhai Longfei, a graduate student majoring in Applied Chemistry, said that he was very grateful to the college for providing so many learning and training opportunities, so that we had a certain understanding of laboratory safety knowledge before entering the laboratory. The first lesson of entering the laboratory is that the instructor explains the common sense of laboratory safety precautions, operation specifications and the use of dangerous chemicals. Senior brothers and sisters will also give us help, guidance and reminders during the experiment. 1 feel relaxed and happy to study and live in such a safe and comfortable environment

through the above measures, the overall appearance of the college laboratory has been greatly improved, the safety factor has been greatly improved, and the enthusiasm of teachers and students is more than before. 1n the future, the college will also provide personal protective equipment such as eye masks and masks for teachers and students, continue to strengthen system construction, establish a normalized laboratory safety education system, further improve laboratory safety protection, and strive to create a safe and comfortable working environment

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