Strengthen source control to ensure employees’ occupational health

“A ventilation hood is installed above the light oil analyzer, so that the oil and gas generated in the process of oil heating can be directly sucked away. Some heavy oil analysis and solvent operation are carried out directly in the fume hood. Our testing environment is getting better and better. ” On Apri2, Li Jingmin, a laboratory technician, said happily at the quality management and inspection center of Henan Oilfield refined wax factory

in recent years, in order to better protect the occupational health of employees, the refined wax factory has strengthened the source control of occupational health, strictly implemented the “three Simultaneities” system of occupational health in construction projects, and realized the prevention and control of occupational hazards from the source

the factory insists on carrying out a series of activities of occupational health publicity week on a regular basis. By means of posting banners, training and education, knowledge competition, forum, on-site consultation, bulletin board, hazard identification and other forms, the employees can be familiar with the occupational disease prevention and control law and the knowledge of post hazardous chemicals, so as to further enhance the awareness of safety production, prevention ability and safety awareness of all employees Self protection ability and environmental protection consciousness

the factory insists on organizing more than 1000 employees who are exposed to occupational hazards for occupational health examination regularly, and constantly improves the four files of occupational health monitoring and occupational health, so as to realize “one person, one file, classified storage”. At the same time, organize employees to sign “safety risk and occupational hazard contract”, and inform employees of post risk and occupational hazard in writing

the factory actively carried out occupational health status investigation and hidden danger rectification. Since the second half of last year, the factory has continued to improve the notification and warning signs of occupational hazards in the workplaces of employees. At the same time, according to the relevant standards, 26 fume hoods, 3 explosion-proof fume hoods and 25 ventilation hoods have been equipped in the laboratory of the quality inspection center; On the basis of eye washing facilities installed in each unit area, 28 sets of spray washing facilities were added; 1n order to further improve the occupational health management of the production site, 70 protective masks were added to the grass-roots workshops

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