Strengthen the awareness of occupational health and prevent the harm of “new occupational diseases”

The people and industries invaded by occupational diseases are no longer the industrial people and industries generally considered in the past, but spread to science and technology industry, modern service industry and other fields. There are 115 kinds of occupational diseases, involving more than 30 industries. The “new occupational diseases” against office white-collar workers include lumbar and cervical diseases, endocrine diseases and fatigue syndrome. Although they are not included in the legal scope, they are more common. Therefore, in the enterprise employers are required to seriously fulfill the responsibility and obligation of occupational disease prevention and control, at the same time, workers should also enhance their awareness of occupational health and take the initiative to protect themselves< The training contents mainly include: knowledge of laws and regulations related to occupational health, such as law on prevention and control of occupational diseases, regulations on labor protection in workplaces where toxic substances are used, etc, Understand the production process, the existing occupational hazards and their links, how to protect, emergency treatment and other knowledge< (2) when signing a contract to establish a labor relationship, the employer shall truthfully inform the employee of the work content, working conditions, working place, occupational hazards, production safety, labor remuneration and other information required by the employee in the labor contract. When signing the labor contract, the laborer shall specify the occupational hazards and their consequences, occupational disease prevention measures and treatment that may occur in the process of work in the labor contract, and the employer shall not conceal or cheat< Third, self-protection in the process of production workers should work in strict accordance with the scientific rules, not recklessly; We should consciously abide by the rules and regulations and strictly abide by the operating procedures; We should keep a good mood, eliminate all interference, and consciously use personal protective equipment. Before work, they should be familiar with the occupational hazards of their posts, and refuse to command and force them to carry out operations without occupational disease prevention measures< 1n general, improving working conditions and eliminating occupational hazards are fundamental measures, and the use of personal protective equipment is only a preventive auxiliary measure. However, under certain conditions, such as poor working conditions, high concentration (intensity) of hazardous factors or collective protective measures can not play a protective role, the use of personal protective equipment becomes the main protective measures. Even as a preventive auxiliary measure, personal protective equipment is still an indispensable productive equipment in the process of labor, which can not be ignored< 5. Health check before, during and after the job through the health check, workers can know their own health status, and employers can know whether workers can engage in toxic and harmful operations. Health examination can be divided into pre employment, on-the-job (regular), off-duty and emergency health examination. The content, purpose and significance of different health examination are different< 6. Make an action plan to improve your life, work and health. healthy body is the cornerstone of success in life. The majority of workers should reconstruct the concept of happiness, establish the concept of “occupation, but also occupational health”, and do not take the chance of “making money first and then treating diseases” or not getting occupational diseases. According to their own situation, assess the relationship between human endurance and workplace environment, so as to develop a suitable action plan to improve their life, work and health

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