Strengthen the construction of limited space accident prevention and control system

on May 28, 2014, a worker of a labor service company in Hangzhou climbed down a 3.5-meter-deep sewage well to clean up the blockage of the road sewage pipe and lost consciousness after poisoning. Another worker climbed down to save people and was also poisoned and comatose, resulting in one death and one injury

in May 2010, workers in a printing and dyeing factory in Hangzhou were poisoned by hydrogen sulfide because they did not wear the correct protective mask when cleaning the underground reservoir. Three people died and three were injured in the accident

in recent years, work safety accidents often occur in limited space, most of which are caused by enterprises do not pay attention to prevention in advance and operators do not operate in accordance with safety regulations. 1n case of accidents in limited space operation, many people are killed. Since 2008, there have been 15 accidents in limited space operation in our city, and 24 people died. The lessons from these accidents are profound and sound an alarm to us. So what are the dangers of limited space operation, and how can we prevent accidents in operation? The reporter consulted the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Safety Supervision Bureau and experts in the field of production safety

accidents in confined space often have serious consequences

professionals must work in the confined space

you may not know much about the term confined space. According to production safety experts, limited space is also known as confined space or confined space. According to the regulations of “technical regulations for safety in limited space operation” (db33707-2008) issued by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, limited space refers to a closed, narrow and poorly ventilated compartment with only one or two personal holes, that is, the import and export are restricted, Or the closed or open poorly ventilated space with depth greater than 1.2 m

finite space must satisfy three conditions:


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