Strengthen the management of labor protection articles in many enterprises

recently, the technical quality supervision center of Gudong oil production plant of Shengli Oilfield has strengthened the allocation and use management of special protective equipment in strict accordance with the labor protection and protection management regulations of employees in the oil production plant, and carried out regular inspection of special protective equipment to ensure the protection quality and safety. 1n order to configure and use the special protective equipment for employees, the center, on the basis of investigation and research, provided various types of light and soft insulating gloves for operators in time, such as 500V, 3000V and 12000V, and put them into use after passing the inspection by the special equipment inspection organization of the oilfield, meeting the requirements of different employees and different voltage levels, 1t not only facilitates the field operation, meets the needs of production field test operation, but also ensures the safety

at the same time, the center strengthens the use management of special protective equipment, implements the inspection plan of special protective equipment in strict accordance with the regular inspection requirements of insulating gloves, and does a good job in the inspection of insulating gloves, so as to ensure that the quality inspection rate of special protective equipment is 100%. 1f the inspection fails to meet the use requirements, it shall be scrapped to effectively ensure the use quality of special protective equipment

in addition, China Southern Power Grid Corporation has also realized the unified management of labor protection articles. The company organized and carried out the production standard of general labor protection articles, designed 5 series of tooling uniforms, 18 kinds of supporting labor protection articles and 7 volumes of signboards for management, operation, maintenance, business and emergency relief, with a total of 43 standards, covering 9 types of work and 48 similar posts for power supply (transmission) and 7 types of work and 39 similar posts for hydropower generation. The establishment of the company’s first systematic technical standard for labor protection products marks that the company’s labor protection has entered a new stage of “integration, professionalization, serialization and standardization” from “meeting protection and single procurement”

the use of labor protection articles is an important safety protection measure to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process. At present, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of strengthening the management of labor protection articles and made positive actions, which not only ensures the quality of labor protection articles, but also effectively guarantees the safety and health of workers, Reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents

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