strengthen the propaganda of radiation health and improve the awareness of radiation protection

1n order to further strengthen the supervision and management of radiation health in medical institutions, improve the awareness of radiation protection in radiation diagnosis and treatment institutions, standardize the behavior of radiation diagnosis and treatment, and safeguard the health rights and interests of radiation workers, examinees, patients and the public, the provincial health supervision institute has printed a number of health protection posters of radiation diagnosis and treatment, which are used for the protection publicity of X-ray image diagnosis workplace in medical institutions. There are three posters in each set, which are health management requirements of radiation diagnosis and treatment, precautions for radiation protection, and personal protective equipment. Our health supervisor sent 57 sets of posters to the medical institutions in the urban area to carry out radiation diagnosis and treatment

X-ray imaging diagnosis workplace is the most widely involved place in radiation diagnosis and treatment activities, but the public awareness of radiation protection is not strong. 1n view of this situation, our institute has put up a set of posters for each computer room carrying out X-ray imaging diagnosis. The “precautions for radiation protection” is hung on the door of the computer room or in a conspicuous position next to the door, which is used to publicize radiation protection to the subjects, patients and the public” “Personal protective equipment and use” is hung on the wall of the personal protective equipment display area in the computer room control area, which is used to prompt the subjects and patients to correctly wear radiation protective equipment” The “health management requirements for radiation diagnosis and treatment” is displayed in the control room of the computer room to publicize the health management of radiation protection to radiation workers

to enhance the public’s awareness of radiation protection and safeguard the public’s health rights and interests by hanging health protection posters for radiation diagnosis and treatment

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