Strengthen the supervision and management of labor protection articles in Qingzhou City of Shandong Province

in order to further standardize the allocation and use of labor protection articles and ensure the safety and health of employees, Qingzhou City has comprehensively strengthened the supervision and management of labor protection articles

at present, although the production and business units have a certain basis for the use of labor protection articles, there are still many problems. First, they do not pay enough attention to labor protection articles, lack of investment, and unclear distribution standards. Second, the management and use of labor protection articles are prominent. Pay attention to the price of products, ignore the quality of products; Lack of training and effective supervision; 1n terms of management, the management system is not perfect< To this end, Qingzhou City has taken a number of measures to strengthen the supervision and management of labor protection articles. One is to clarify the scope and standard of labor protection articles. All employees in the six high-risk industries including hazardous chemicals, non coal mines, construction and other industries, as well as the production and operation units of mechanical processing and food, are provided with labor protection articles according to the standard for allocation of labor protection articles (Trial); The second is to strengthen the management of labor protection articles in production and business units. The enterprise management should be strengthened by perfecting the system, standardizing the procurement, strictly enforcing the distribution standard, and educating the staff to use it correctly; Third, strengthen publicity. By carrying out various forms of publicity, education and training activities, explaining the professional knowledge of labor protection articles and the methods, common sense and typical cases of identifying poor quality protection articles, we can improve the management level of enterprise safety production and the self-protection awareness of employees. Fourth, strictly enforce the law. Take the method of combining the department law enforcement and joint law enforcement to find that the labor protection articles are not distributed or not distributed according to the relevant regulations and standards; Distributing unqualified labor protection articles without safety signs or beyond the service life; 1f a laborer does not use the labor protection articles correctly according to the regulations, he shall be ordered to make rectification within a time limit. 1f the problem is serious, it shall be dealt with in accordance with the law, and the relevant responsibilities of the relevant responsible persons shall be seriously investigated MA Jinling

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