strengthen work clothes and enhance logistics service awareness

Recently, the logistics management department of Houma thermal power branch organized all staff to learn “the significance and role of enterprise employees wearing work clothes”

in this study, we deeply realized that uniform work clothes can help forge enterprise discipline, strengthen the cohesion of enterprise culture, enhance employees’ sense of belonging, and create a good enterprise order. The work clothes condense the standards and norms of the enterprise, show the coordination and harmonious team spirit of the group, and convey the dignity and confidence of the enterprise. The function of wearing work clothes is to give employees a kind of psychological hint, suggesting that we are now working hours, irrelevant things will be put aside; Wearing work clothes can also play a protective role at work. Although we are not on the production line, we often have to maintain order in the living area, which has played a role of sun protection to a certain extent. Uniform work clothes also have a deterrent effect on suspicious people and small vendors entering the living area

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