Strengthening safety education for migrant workers

As we all know, enterprise overhaul is a high incidence period of accidents, and the most injured in overhaul is migrant workers. Recently, when 1 went to a chemical enterprise to participate in the overhaul, 1 saw that the “three violations” phenomenon of migrant workers’ maintenance personnel can be seen everywhere, such as not wearing safety helmets according to regulations, not wearing safety belts when working at height, using spanners without ropes when working at high level, and not applying for fire permit for maintenance, etc. The author thinks that it is very necessary to strengthen the safety education of migrant workers

due to the short overhaul time and heavy task, many enterprises invite some migrant workers to participate in the overhaul work during the overhaul period. The migrant workers’ own conditions determine that their safety awareness is relatively weak, let alone have professional emergency rescue skills. However, most enterprises ignore the safety training for migrant workers, and the safety education for migrant workers becomes a mere formality

in order to continuously improve the safety quality of migrant workers and make the overhaul work safe and orderly, enterprises should do three tasks well:

first of all, the employees of the enterprise should play a leading role. Regular employees of enterprises generally have received formal safety education, strong safety awareness, wide professional safety knowledge, and can abide by rules and regulations on the overhaul site. Therefore, enterprises should give full play to the good demonstration role of formal employees, so that they can influence the migrant workers around them with their own actions, and transfer the positive energy of safe operation to them

secondly, safety education for migrant workers should not go through formality. When enterprises carry out safety education for migrant workers, they should carry out corresponding safety education according to the maintenance projects they are engaged in, instead of simple and general training, so that they can really learn safety knowledge, self-protection and emergency skills. For example, some chemical enterprises ask migrant workers what is safety color, arc light can burn eyes, and wear protective equipment when working in toxic and harmful environment

thirdly, safety supervision should be strengthened. Enterprises should integrate the safety management personnel of various workshops and departments, joint inspection, strict investigation, ruthless, and form a joint force. We should also go deep into the scene, especially to some dead corners of maintenance, because the maintenance personnel of migrant workers in these places often do not work strictly according to the operating procedures, which is a “dead corner” of safety. At the same time, we should make the safety supervision responsible, make the assessment measures concrete, and increase the punishment. Only in this way can we create a safe, harmonious and healthy production and working environment with migrant workers

security is not everything for an enterprise, but without security, there will be nothing for an enterprise. The majority of petrochemical enterprises only constantly strengthen the safety education of migrant workers, so that they can all abide by the rules and discipline, each supervision and management, do not hurt others, do not be hurt by others, tighten the string of safety, and jointly build a strong security embankment, can make the enterprise long-term stability

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