Strengthening the safety of dust workplace by multi pronged approach

1n order to deeply learn from the “4 – 16” dust explosion accident of Shuangma Chemical Co., Ltd. in Dongchen Town, Rugao City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, according to the requirements of the “Circular of the State Administration of work safety on the” 4 – 16 “dust explosion accident of Shuangma Chemical Co., Ltd. in Rugao City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province” (ajzgs3 [2014] No. 34), Shanghai Municipal Bureau of work safety recently issued a notice, Take a number of measures to comprehensively strengthen the city’s dust workplace safety production, strictly prevent all kinds of dust explosion production safety accidents

first, in combination with the work safety guarantee work of the “C1CA summit”, we will immediately carry out a full coverage and net type work safety inspection, and continue to carry out in-depth investigation and treatment of hidden dangers. The safety supervision departments at all levels and relevant holding (Group) companies are required to find out the specific quantity, distribution and hidden danger investigation of all production and business units and workshops, warehouses, confined spaces and other production and operation places with dust explosion hazards in the area and the system, and establish the situation files; Focus on checking the equipment and operation of ventilation and dust removal in dust explosion dangerous places, the installation of explosion relief, explosion suppression and explosion-proof devices, and the implementation of safety measures such as fire prevention, explosion-proof and anti-static; Detect and analyze all combustible dust in the enterprise, master the explosion limit and ignition energy value of each kind of dust, and formulate targeted measures to eliminate potential dust safety hazards; Supervise and urge the hazardous chemical enterprises in the region and system to strictly implement the control measures such as suspending the annual inspection and maintenance of flammable and explosive places (chemical devices), controlling the filling and retail of finished oil tanks in gas stations, and limiting the frequency of production process adjustment before May 31; We will continue to carry out in-depth special actions against “three violations” and “cracking down on non-governmental violations” in the field of production safety, ensure the production safety of surrounding enterprises such as venues, venues and residential areas where the “C1CA summit” is held, resolutely put an end to the occurrence of production safety accidents with great social impact, resolutely reduce the occurrence of general production safety accidents, and promote the continuous and stable improvement of the city’s production safety situation< The second is to urge the relevant enterprises to strengthen the safety management of dust explosion dangerous places, strictly implement the relevant national laws and regulations, establish and improve the dust safety management rules and regulations, and ensure the safety investment in the prevention and control of dust explosion; Risk identification and assessment shall be carried out for workplaces with dust explosion risk. Detection instruments shall be equipped and timely detected to strictly prevent dust concentration from reaching explosion limit; The ventilation and dust removal facilities should be improved, and the relatively independent dust removal system should be set up according to the process. All dust producing points should be equipped with dust hood, and there should be no dust deposition in the air duct, so as to ensure the timely elimination of dust accumulation and strictly prevent the dust concentration from exceeding the standard; Keep explosion relief and flameproof devices of dust removal system in good condition and normal operation; Strengthen the safety education and fire prevention and explosion-proof technology training of employees to ensure that employees have the necessary dust explosion-proof knowledge and master the safety operation skills the third is to strengthen the safety management of hot work. Relevant enterprises are required to improve the rules and regulations of hot work in dust explosion dangerous places, strengthen the management of operation process, and strictly control the implementation of safety measures, examination and approval of work tickets, and safety supervision; Risk assessment shall be carried out strictly before hot work, combustible dust shall be removed and sufficient fire-fighting equipment shall be provided, and hot work section shall be separated from other sections to ensure that no dust enters into hot work section during hot work and cooling period after hot work, and dust explosion caused by hot work shall be strictly prevented; Arrange on-site safety monitoring personnel with emergency rescue knowledge, and provide necessary communication, rescue and other emergency equipment and facilities to ensure timely and proper disposal of emergencies< The fourth is to strengthen safety supervision. Further strengthen the publicity, implementation and training of relevant safety supervision laws, regulations and standards, and strengthen supervision and inspection; Continue to promote the consensus, co construction and sharing of safety supervision, consolidate the collaborative safety supervision mechanism of "regular consultation, joint law enforcement, hidden danger copying and information sharing", strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations, and seriously investigate the responsibility of accidents; For batch chemical production enterprises, the safety management of change management, production switching, product scheme adjustment, effectiveness of automatic control system and integrity of safety facilities should be strengthened; 1n order to further promote the standardization of enterprise safety production as the starting point, further promote the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprises fifthly, strengthen emergency response to accidents. 1t is required to improve the emergency plan, improve the operation skills of employees, implement emergency organization, rescue team, equipment, materials and other emergency resources, and strengthen emergency response drills; Supervise and urge the leading cadres of key areas and enterprises to lead the shift and strengthen the emergency duty. All the personnel on duty should stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, timely and properly handle the problems, and strictly prevent accidents caused by improper and untimely disposal; Earnestly implement the accident information reporting system, smooth the information reporting channels, ensure timely and accurate reporting of information, and resolutely prevent late reporting, omission and concealment of accident information; From May 15 to May 31, relevant information shall be submitted to the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau according to the requirements of “one report per day” this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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