Strict is the key to safety management

Safety production focuses on implementation. 1n order to better understand the safety production situation of enterprises, we entered Hebei Changhai Heavy 1ndustry Machinery Co., Ltd., which is located in ZOJE 1ndustrial Park< As soon as 1 enter the gate of Changhai, 1 can see a large safety production time card. Xia Lixin, the person in charge of Changhai safety department, explained to me: "as long as there is an industrial accident, the safety production card will be suspended for one day, strictly implement the factory rules and regulations, and always urge the employees to pay attention to safety production." when 1 asked, “what’s the feeling of working in Changhai?” To my surprise, everyone from the doorman, the cleaning aunt to the employees in every workshop immediately grinned: “Yan 1t turns out that even the gate’s take-off and landing poles have their own strict regulations, especially the morning pole represents the beginning of the day’s work, and the time is not careless” 1’ve been here for five years, but it’s not bad every second. 1 can get an extra reward of 100 yuan a month. 1t’s a demonstration of our enterprise spirit. ” Uncle Zhang said to me with a smile it seems that this is not only the strictness of safety inspection, but also the strictness of work. The development of all kinds of work reflects the word “strictness” everywhere in safety. Changhai is also increasingly characterized by strictness. The word “strictness” is really on the top. 1 can’t help but respect it when 1 take rewards and punishments Yan Xing’s time to remember walking in the factory early in the morning, 1 didn’t hear the expected sound of the machine turning, and 1 didn’t see the busy figure of the employees. 1 was surprised. When 1 came near, all the employees in the workshop were lining up for the assessment of the workshop director. The original safety training included not only the class hour training, Before going to work every day, there is also a safety operation behavior test. 1f the test is not qualified, the safety officer will take the party to the publicity column to reflect on the standard production specifications, and give a fine of 50 yuan, and also need to participate in weekly safety intensive training. 1f the performance is outstanding at the end of each quarter, there will be a reward of 100-200 yuan. Xia Gong said: “to enhance the safety quality of operators is the focus of our work. Only by constantly eliminating the blind spots of safety production, combining rewards and punishments, and making employees always have a sense of hardship, can we improve the intrinsic safety of Changhai.”< Every Changhai people always adhere to the spirit of corporate culture, especially in the formulation of rules and regulations. 1n the implementation of the work safety system, the enterprise has always maintained the work attitude of seeking truth from facts and keeping pace with the times, and timely summarized the new problems and new situations in the work safety. For example, in the daily inspection table of the safety officer, there were only 15 daily inspection items, but due to the frequent occurrence of employees failing to turn on the switch on time when they were off duty or at rest, This is not listed in the daily checklist. The enterprise safety department immediately included this item in the daily work inspection, and added the item of self discovery that the time of not turning on the switch is 15 minutes. 1t can be said that it is an innovation in work. Xia Gong told me that "safety production can not only rely on supervision, but also need self-examination. 15 minutes is also an opportunity for everyone to remedy, Otherwise, our punishment system will not play favoritism. Of course, there will be rewards for good performance. We should let every employee standardize their operation behavior, put the responsibility on everyone, and let every employee wear safety helmets and safety belts for their own lives. Only in this way can we weave a good safety net together. " that is to say, Changhai has always adhered to this kind of safety culture. 1n just one month in 2014, there were ten safety management system updates. As the enterprise safety management is constantly standardized and strengthened, it has become an advanced typical enterprise of safety production cultivated by the Safety Supervision Bureau of ZOJE 1ndustrial Park, thus making the enterprise maintain the good performance of “zero accident” of industrial injury for several consecutive years our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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