Strict management and refusal to play “edge ball”

Playing “edge ball” originally refers to the way in which one side hits the ball at the edge of the other side’s table in a table tennis match, so that the ball rebounds to the left, right and rear of the table at a very low angle to the table. 1n general, this kind of ball will make the opponent unable to deal with, this kind of ball is also generally regarded as effective, sometimes called “good ball”. But usually this kind of situation is the batter and catcher can’t think of in advance, so you can pay attention to, in the game, when the batter hit the edge ball, often reach out to the catcher to apologize

but there are often some people who think they are smart and take advantage of the rules and regulations to play “edge ball”. They think that “1’m lucky, 1’m lucky, 1’m lucky, 1’m lucky, 1’m sure 1’ll be better off.” after several violations and no accidents, some people have a fluke mentality, confusing the contingency of several violations and no accidents with the inevitability of long-term violations; Some people think that they are skilled and experienced, and often don’t care. They use risk-taking and recklessness as their skills; Some people don’t pay attention to the good intentions of their colleagues, give lip service to the strict requirements of the leaders, and ignore the safety regulations, resulting in accidents

violation does not necessarily lead to an accident, but it must be a violation. This sentence is a good interpretation of the relationship between accidents and violations. According to the analysis of the causes of each accident, more than 95% of them are caused by violation of regulations. Violation is the cause of the accident, and the accident is the consequence of violation. 1t’s very difficult to master the scale of the edge ball. 1t’s too late to regret when there’s an accident. 1t seems that this kind of “edge ball” is still a must

naturally, management should not “brush the edge”. A fable about “glass and window frame” is quite thought-provoking. The glass always complains that the window frame limits itself too tightly. The window frame finally gets angry one day, “then go outside to find freedom”! 1mmediately, the “body” loose loose, glass suddenly fell to the ground broken. The same is true in life. Only under discipline can we enjoy freedom; 1f you want to enjoy freedom outside of discipline, you can only end up with “glass”

in petrochemical system, rules and regulations related to safety work are very detailed. 1f we look into these rules and regulations, we will find that there are almost blood lessons behind every clause. The nature of petrochemical industry is high temperature and high pressure, flammable and explosive, easy to poisoning. After many accidents, a large number of rules and regulations related to safety came into being. This is a binding law formed for later generations to avoid making the same mistakes again. Since rules and regulations come from the lessons of blood, we should cherish them and do them in strict accordance with the rules and regulations. We should not do as we please, let alone take any chances. We should simplify our homework and play the “edge ball” wisely

in daily work, we should supervise, remind and check each other, find loopholes and weak links, prevent unsafe factors and eliminate potential accidents. Starting from small things, we can certainly build a strong safety dike” Before the operation, self-examination should be carried out frequently, labor protection clothing should be standardized, ear plugs and masks should not be forgotten, safety regulations should be kept in mind, when encountering danger, 1 don’t panic, and 1 knew about the plan drill… “1f 1 can remember these things and do them carefully, safety can be guaranteed. 1n the final analysis, strict management means “following the rules”. Nail is nail, rivet is rivet, and implement the rules to the letter. This is the most important thing

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