Strict quality standardization management

Through the ups and downs of the road, the safety development of a new chapter. As the largest mine in Jiangsu Province, Yaoqiao Coal Mine of China Coal Datun company is responsible for half of the company’s production and operation tasks. 1n the face of severe market situation, aging of mine system, complex geological conditions, high pressure of deep mining and other adverse factors, we unite as one, strengthen the red line awareness, strictly standardize the safety and quality management, and standardize the safety behavior, The road of security development is becoming wider and wider

take the road of quality standardization

the mine strives to overcome the adverse factors such as aging system, poor geological conditions and many transportation links, and carries out fine management in combination with the actual situation of the mine, so as to truly extend the construction of quality standardization to the mining area, mining face and working post. Adhere to the quality standardization principle of “safety, firmness, beauty, economy and practicality”, strive to create a simple standardization project with unique “Yaoqiao characteristics” and suitable for the actual situation of the mine. On the basis of the existing standardization highlight project, comprehensively implement the “personnel operation procedure, construction operation process, quality supervision normalization, pipeline hanging linearization, equipment management responsibility According to the “six management” mode of “material code placement”, the coal roadway team strengthens the “five line management”, namely: one line of anchor (cable), one line of cable, one line of wind and water pipeline, one line of track and one line of belt; The rock roadway team focuses on one-time completion of roadway and shotcreting before anchoring, ensures smooth blasting quality, bolt exposure rate and straightness, enhances the dynamic awareness of reaching the standard, integrates fine management into the whole process and every link of standardization construction, gradually turns the effective practice in practice into standard and solidifies into system, and effectively enhances the quality standardization awareness of employees

take the road of standardizing safety behavior

the mine always adheres to the humanized safety management concept, signs the letter of responsibility for safety objectives layer by layer, and forms a safety management mechanism of “one level guarantees one level, one level is responsible for one level”. Through the safety joint guarantee of Party members, the establishment of “safety red line”, finger dictation, mentoring, etc, So that every post on the staff know what to do, how to do, effectively standardize the safety behavior of workers. The safety helmet number identification management method is implemented, and the unit number and personal work number of employees are clearly marked on both sides of the mine cap. As a long-term 1D card for all mine employees, it plays a good role of supervision, warning and restraint, and effectively reduces and curbs the occurrence of “three violations”. Organize to shoot the demonstration film of employee’s behavior standard, and broadcast it in turn on the district team’s pre shift meeting and the large TV screen, so as to let employees know how to operate correctly and how to operate wrongly, and gradually correct some employees’ non-standard behaviors; Set up “big lecture hall” of safety technology, organize the team leader and team leader of mining area with rich practical experience who have been engaged in the front-line work of mining for many years, and give lectures on professional knowledge to the front-line workers regularly, so as to improve their on-site operation skills and self-protection and mutual protection ability

take the road of invigorating the mine by science and technology

the mine vigorously implements the strategy of invigorating the mine by science and technology, adheres to relying on scientific and technological progress, adopts new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials with high scientific and technological content and reliable safety performance, and fundamentally improves the technical equipment level, safety production guarantee and disaster prevention and resistance ability of the mine. Boldly carry out technological innovation, small change and small reform, and obtain more than 20 innovative projects every year, which provides strong technical support for safety and quality standardization. After many improvements, the whole industry pioneered the development and application of a flexible, practical and reliable anti spalling device in the large angle coal roadway, ensuring the construction safety of head-on workers. Aiming at the excavation construction of deep coal roadway, by drilling the advance pressure relief hole, the stress is released in advance, the high risk point is reduced, the fire prevention and extinguishing ability is improved, and the safety production of the mine is ensured. The automatic propulsion device of pressure relief drilling rig was developed by ourselves. 1t used to need 4-5 people to operate, but now it only needs two people, and the drilling speed has been increased more than twice; Optimize the management mode of “two pairs of shafts combined into one, integrated overall deployment”, extend the west five boundary track up to – 400 level, and integrate the new and old two pairs of lifting shafts into one, so as to make the safety guarantee system more reliable

the road to improve the working environment

firmly set up the concept of “safety and health”, install high pressure automatic spray and two negative pressure dust suppression devices on the shearer, popularize the automatic spray of moving and falling frames, automatically remove dust and spray when moving and lowering the shelves, reduce the dust concentration when the roof is falling, and the spray automatically stops after the support is reset. The dust prevention and the moving and lowering of the support are carried out simultaneously, and a three-dimensional and automatic dust prevention and lowering network for the coal mining face is built, so that the workers can work healthily; 1n the rock lane team, all of them are equipped with automatic spray and automatic spray, and the wind water spray device can automatically eliminate smoke and dust automatically after firing. The explosion-proof automatic water adding device is installed in the main air inlet and return roadway, which solves the problems of power failure, shutdown and impact on production when adding water to the explosion-proof water tank. 1t not only reduces labor, but also saves time, labor, safety and convenience; The automatic washing device of tramcar has been successfully developed. All tramcars must be washed clean at the upper wellhead before entering the well to purify the inlet air flow from the source. Monkey cars are installed in six main inclined roadways to realize mechanized transportation, reduce the physical consumption of workers, effectively improve the working environment of the production site, and ensure the health of workers

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