Strictly check the “big guys” of construction sites and supervise them in different levels and categories

More and more key projects, more and more construction sites, compared with when they will be completed, how to ensure the safe operation of these large and small construction sites, will minimize the impact, the public is more concerned. Before that, there had been accidents of machine collapse and vehicle damage at construction sites

in this regard, the guide reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture yesterday that from the 12th of this month, the city’s construction sites within the scope of municipal engineering will usher in a new special rectification of collapse accidents, and the safety production of relevant enterprises within the scope of municipal engineering will be put on a “tight curse”, supervised by the director of the Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture at different levels

the “big guy” of the construction site should be strictly investigated

this time, the rectification goal is clear, and the “big guy” of the construction site that is most prone to make mistakes and accidents should be directly targeted” Cranes and scaffolds are the key objects of inspection and rectification. ” According to the relevant requirements, on the one hand, the cranes in the construction site should check whether the acceptance system is qualified, and the track, insurance, wire rope and other equipment will be checked on site< At the same time, the scaffold, formwork, steel pipe and other materials should be tested. 1n view of this, in this renovation, from May to September, the construction units should first check and correct themselves, and then check the key projects from September to the end of the year “during this period, the large-scale machinery of each construction site will be subject to all-round inspection. 1n addition to the scheme, approval and other links, the standards of various materials, as well as the erection and support system in the site must pass the standard.” Relevant person in charge said that the construction site of each construction process will be on-site inspection, and timely rectification the director of the bureau is in charge of classified supervision at different levels the special rectification is most afraid to be reduced to “a gust of wind”. The guide reporter learned that from this year, the municipal related enterprises and institutions in the whole city should establish a normalized mechanism for the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers in production safety. At present, a rectification group under the direct leadership of the director has been set up. On the one hand, before the end of this year, it is necessary to find out the situation of all enterprises in the municipal sector, and supervise them at different levels according to the nature, industry, territory and production safety of enterprises and institutions, so as to find out the dangerous processes and harmful factors at the same time, the work itself will also be included in the performance appraisal according to the completion. Relevant enterprises need to log in the “digital safety supervision” system every quarter to report the situation of self inspection and self correction. For the existing problems, they will be supervised until they are corrected it is reported that by 2016, this kind of normalized rectification and investigation of potential safety hazards will cover the whole city from key industries and enterprises our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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