Strive to be the “understanding person” of fire safety

A few days ago, officers and men from the special service brigade of Baotou fire brigade and Qingshan fire brigade went deep into Baotou equipment manufacturing industrial park to organize and carry out fire safety knowledge training activities. More than 50 doctors and masters from Baotou Research 1nstitute of Peking University 1nstitute of Technology participated in the training activities, actively striving to be “understanding people” of fire safety

at the training meeting, firefighters used multimedia teaching to carry out fire safety education by combining fire cases with fire theory. The training mainly focuses on fire laws and regulations, self-protection and self-help knowledge, emergency escape methods, self-help and escape in fire field, operation of various fire-fighting equipment and other knowledge. 1t mainly focuses on fire fighting in the initial stage, fire escape and self-help, fire prevention and other fire-fighting knowledge in-depth and detailed explanation, and warns everyone to improve their fire safety awareness in their daily life and work, 1n daily life, we should always rectify the places with fire hazards, keep calm when meeting fire threats, and try to prevent and save ourselves. 1n addition, more than 50 doctors and masters from Baotou Research 1nstitute of Peking University 1nstitute of technology went to the fire prevention and disaster reduction education hall for a “zero distance” visit. They not only witnessed various fire cases, but also fully understood and learned a lot of fire safety knowledge close to life

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