Strong development of fire prevention and flame retardant, international development is an inevitable trend

When it comes to cable fire prevention, people in the industry often associate with the scene of laboratory combustion test. 1t is true that the international standard is mainly based on the test results of the spread distance, burning time, heat and smoke release, gas toxicity release and other indicators after the cable is on fire

fire protection regulations are applicable all over the world. There are thousands of different standards and requirements for a variety of communication cables put into the market, each of which has different characteristics of fire resistance, smoke resistance, corrosion resistance and toxicity. These characteristics depend on the material composition, skin size and inner conductor insulation of the cable< Over the years, the proportion of major fire accidents caused by electrical reasons has been high. The flame retardant and fire resistance characteristics of electrical circuits are important factors for the electrical causes of fire. Therefore, fire accidents occur frequently, and consumers' requirements for product durability are the factors influencing the growth of demand for flame retardant cables with the continuous development of society, building fire safety has become the focus of all walks of life in today’s society, which will bring good development opportunities for fire-resistant cables. 1n addition, fire-resistant cables have higher profits than ordinary cables, and the demand for fire-resistant cables may grow in the future< At present, generic cabling products are divided into imported products and domestic products. Most of the imported products are from the United States and Europe. Among the domestic generic cabling cable manufacturers, a large proportion of them are sold abroad, so it is inevitable to introduce foreign cable fire protection standards in fact, it’s a good thing to introduce foreign cable fire protection standards in the absence of national fire protection standards for generic cabling cables. However, because the cable fire protection standards of the United States and Europe are in two incompatible series, and even their fire protection ideas are very different, the design institute and the owner are in a passive state: listen to what both sides have said, 1n order to find out which basis must be adopted in China, sometimes we have to choose one according to the state of capital this problem is the result of two different flame retardant concepts in the world. What we need to say is that they are completely matched with other fire protection standards of the host country, without any conflict. But at the intersection of various technologies in China, there is a huge collision between the two concepts. But for the project, there is no need to introduce these arguments. China’s fire standard is a mandatory standard, which must be implemented. According to a foreign standard to require China’s project, it will cause a mismatch of fire-proof materials used by various types of work in a building, and eventually lead to loopholes in fire prevention, which is often the “acclimatization” of foreign enterprises. For a formal Chinese project, it is necessary for engineering design, bidding and project implementation to understand Chinese standards and select flame retardant grade in strict accordance with Chinese standards it is an inevitable trend for fire prevention and flame retardant industry to move towards internationalization “to be a cable enterprise in the world and build an international national brand in China’s wiring industry” has become the development goal and mission of excellent enterprises in the industry. Guided by this belief, China’s cable products have been widely used in many fields of various industries, and the demand for fire-resistant and flame-retardant cables is increasing with the emphasis on safety and the requirements of international trend. The international cooperation between domestic enterprises and enterprises in advanced developed countries has been carried out in an all-round way, At present, several of the most powerful cable companies in China also comply with the international trend of market development, widely promote fire-retardant and other special cables, and invest a lot of money in independent research and development. A few years ago, they began to formulate and launch a global development strategy, through extensive cooperation and exchange in technology, capital, management and other aspects, The introduction of advanced technology and management concepts of foreign enterprises, so that the strength of the enterprise has been rapidly improved and developed. At present, a large number of fireproof and flame retardant cable products have been exported to all over the world our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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