students are not allowed to wear masks in Chengdu haze? Denied by the school concerned

The haze weather in Chengdu has attracted attention in recent days. After a photo of a middle school student wearing a mask in class spread, it was revealed today (December 12) that Jiaxiang foreign language school informed teachers and students not to wear masks. 1t is also reported that all schools in the city have held an emergency meeting to convey the request that students are not allowed to wear masks, that air purifiers are not allowed to be installed, and that parents are not allowed to take photos in buildings. 1n the afternoon, Jiaxiang foreign language school responded that the official account was not true. The principal also told Sohu public aurora that he did not force him to wear masks. Headmaster: the school doesn’t force people not to wear masks.

since this morning, a notice purportedly issued by a teacher of Chengdu Jiaxiang foreign language school has spread to the 1nternet. The picture shows that the wechat group is called “clas2, grad2, Jiaxiang”. During the chat, a member named “teacher Zeng” reminded everyone to pay attention to the important notice: “after receiving the emergency notice from the higher authorities, please do not believe the rumors, do not spread the rumors, do not gather illegally, and believe that the government can do a good job in haze prevention and control. All teachers and students in our school do not wear masks in class. From 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., the head teachers of each class report the situation of the day to the superior leaders in time. ” Then “teacher Zeng” added, “as long as there is sunshine and oxygen in the heart, the haze will eventually disperse.”

in the afternoon, Aurora contacted the principal of Chengdu Jiaxiang foreign language school, and the other party said that the school did not force no response without wearing a mask. The Academic Affairs Office of the school’s primary school department also denied that it had issued any notice about haze. The staff did not explain the source of the content, but repeatedly stressed that “there is no such thing.”. When inquiring about the Middle School Department of Jinjiang campus as a parent, a teacher in the office said, “it’s a misunderstanding that there is no such notice. Our middle school department and primary school department have never sent it. Now we have received a lot of telephone inquiries. We are also investigating the specific situation.” the teacher also said that if children wear masks to go to school, they will not be prohibited

but “teacher Zeng” in the screenshot didn’t say anything about it. 1n a QQ group named “clas2, grad2, Jiaxiang primary school”, the head picture of an administrator is exactly the same as that of the informer “teacher Zeng” in the chat record of wechat, and its net name is “Zeng Zeng”. As of 17:00 p.m., Aurora repeatedly contacted Mr. Zeng for information, but no response was received

Xichuan middle school: the photos of wearing masks in class on the 1nternet have not been criticized by the superiors

in addition, there are similar conversations exposed. 1n the screenshot, a person suspected of the education system revealed that all schools in the city have held an emergency meeting, “no students are allowed to wear masks, no purifiers, no parents are allowed to take photos in the teaching building.”

Aurora noticed that many netizens on social platforms were dissatisfied with the news, and some people mentioned a similar incident recently. At that time, it was rumored that Xichuan middle school was criticized by the Education Bureau for sending photos of students wearing masks in class to the 1nternet

previously, it was said that students in a middle school were wearing masks in class, and the school was criticized. The school involved denied this statement in the afternoon

this statement is also denied by Xichuan middle school today. Staff in the school’s office said the school had not been criticized by higher authorities and did not require teachers and students not to wear masks. He also told aurora that the reason why all the students in the photo wear masks is because a caring person donated masks to the school, “then the students just show them, learn how to wear masks, and take them off after wearing them.”. The other side also said that the weather in Chengdu is very good today, so there is no need to wear masks, and students are willing to wear masks, and the school will not stop them

Chengdu Education Bureau: we have noticed that the online photos are under investigation

in the afternoon, Aurora also contacted Chengdu Education Bureau, and the staff said that they have noticed the online hot photos, and their authenticity and source are under investigation and verification

according to its official website, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of education has issued the emergency plan for heavy pollution weather in primary and secondary schools (kindergartens) of Chengdu on September 8 this year, and the plan will be launched when Chengdu issues the warning information of heavy pollution weather. Emergency measures include reminding vulnerable people to reduce outdoor activities, teachers and students to travel by public transport, and adjusting teaching plans. According to the grading from light to heavy, primary and secondary schools suspend outdoor physical education and other outdoor exercise activities under the yellow warning, stop outdoor activities such as physical education, recess exercises and sports meeting under the orange warning, and suspend classes under the red warning

at the same time, the plan also puts forward requirements for campus construction, dust reduction, and the care of students staying in school during class suspension, such as increasing the frequency of watering to reduce dust; 1n primary and secondary schools, earth rock excavation, Pavement Renovation, greening and planting, house demolition and other operations are prohibited; Dust control measures shall be implemented at various construction sites

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