Students want to wear helmets to school

recently, the reporter came to the 76th middle school branch at 35 Shangyou street. Before he got close, he saw that a long isolation belt had been pulled up in front of the sidewalk on the side of the school on the upstream street

approaching, we can find that the isolation belt is actually made of strips of waste banners, which are connected together to form a rectangle, encircling the nearly 40 meter long sidewalk on one side of the school, and the iron gate leading to the outside of the school playground is also in the isolation belt

at that time, before the students’ lunch break, more than 30 parents were waiting on the driveway outside the isolation zone to pick up their children and deliver meals to their children. “At the end of last month, outside the school, she was surrounded by the school, because there were always bricks falling from the top of the school building,” Auntie Wang, who was delivering food to her grandson in grade two of junior high school, told reporters

along the direction of Aunt Wang’s fingers, the reporter saw that the school was four stories high, and the external wall tiles on the fourth floor windows fell off very seriously. The gray brown wall exposed after a large number of white wall tiles fell off has become a long piece

at 11:30, the school lunch break bell rang, two security guards opened the iron door, and dozens of junior high school students in school uniforms came out. Some parents reach out to pass lunch to their children through the isolation belt, while some children lift the banner with their hands and get out of the isolation belt to find their parents. Several male students are running and chasing in the isolation zone. 1t seems that these banners surround a “small playground”, not a dangerous zone where bricks fall

and from the beginning to the end, the two security guards stood indifferently in front of the school gate

parents are worried about

parents are worried about the safety of their children. Parents question the school

there are walls that will fall bricks on their heads and isolation belts pulled up by the school in front of them. Although the students have no feeling about this, their parents are very worried

the reporter saw that a male parent got into the isolation zone and handed his lunch to his child, saying: “please hurry back to the class, don’t hang around downstairs, didn’t you see the bricks falling from it?”

another parent asked the child, “what did your head teacher say? When will the bricks not fall off in this building?”

parents say it’s understandable that the bricks fall, but the school’s practice is questionable

question 1: Why are students allowed to run around in the isolation zone

Mr. Xu, the parent, said: “you see, the school gate is in the isolation zone, and a lot of wall bricks on the gate have fallen off. 1t must be dangerous for students to get in and out of the school gate! This isolation belt just blocks parents and passers-by outside. Aren’t the children in the isolation belt afraid of smashing? 1f students are running around in it, can’t they arrange the staff to manage it? “

question 2: why don’t you open the safe main door instead of the dangerous side door

apart from worrying about the safety of students, many parents are also very dissatisfied with another practice of the school. Mr. Guo, the parent, said: “every day, the school opens a side door leading to the playground, which is tens of meters away from the side door. There is also a main door that can lead directly from the teaching building to the outside of the school. The brick on the main door does not fall off, and the door is designed with rain. 1t’s safer. Why can’t the safe main door be opened, instead of letting the children walk through the dangerous side door?”

the school responded

simple isolation is also a helpless move, and the maintenance has been reported to the Education Bureau

for this, the reporter interviewed president Zhou of No.76 middle school. She told reporters that the teaching building where the school is located was built in the 1950s, and the building is very long. 1t used to be the site of No.18 Middle School. Later, the branch of No.76 middle school moved here

in February this year, the school found that the wall tiles on the fourth floor fell off. The school arranged workers to climb up to the top of the building and knock down some loose wall tiles. But the building was in disrepair after all. 1n order to prevent students, parents and passers-by from being injured, the school isolated the sidewalk with banners

when can the teaching building be completely repaired, and there is no longer the danger of falling bricks

the principal said: “our school’s ability is limited, which makes our maintenance unrealistic. But we have reported the situation to the Education Bureau of Daoli District, and the Bureau has ranked the repair work of our school’s teaching building in the first place, but the specific repair date has not been determined. “

regarding two questions raised by parents, principal Zhou said that they would arrange staff to be on duty near the isolation zone every day to prevent students from staying in the isolation zone. As for the opening of the school gate, President Zhou said: “we open the main gate every day, but we can’t always open it, because it’s still cold and the main gate is always open. Students and teachers on the first floor can’t attend classes normally. 1 hope parents can understand.”

the Education Bureau replied that it would be necessary to wait until this summer vacation to complete the repair

for this, the reporter also interviewed the Education Bureau of Daoli District. The staff of the 1nfrastructure Department of the Bureau told reporters that the renovation work of the 76th secondary school has been included in the agenda, but it may have to wait until the summer vacation in June this year” Because the large-scale maintenance will definitely affect the normal teaching. At present, there are no idle school buildings for No. 76 middle school to borrow. Therefore, it is very likely that we will have to wait until the summer vacation to have the opportunity of maintenance. “

“every day 1 pick up my children, 1’m so nervous that 1 want to put a helmet on them to go to school!” Recently, the parents of shangyoujie branch of No.76 middle school reported to our newspaper that the brick on the external wall of the school fell off seriously, and the students and their parents were likely to be injured at any time. Although the school had pulled up the isolation belt downstairs, it was in vain and could not guarantee the safety

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