Successful development of microwave protective clothing for early warning aircraft of 3543 company

Recently, the 3543 company of Xinxing Jihua Group actively cooperated with the Quartermaster Department of the air force logistics department and the air force research department to successfully develop microwave protective clothing for early warning aircraft

it is understood that at present, the deployment of early warning aircraft in complex electromagnetic space is becoming more and more normalized. Due to the large number of airborne electronic equipment of early warning aircraft, the intensity of electromagnetic countermeasure drill is high, and the air combat personnel bear more electromagnetic radiation. To this end, AWACS microwave protective fabric, style to details of the pursuit of high quality. The outer fabric is silver plated fiber, which can reflect and absorb more than 99% of electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range of 30MHz ~ 20GHz, and the anti radiation effect is close to 100%; The inner fabric is a modified polyester hollow fiber with the name of super spinning cotton, which has the function of automatically adjusting the moisture and heat balance, and has the comfort of cotton, greatly improving the comfort and wearing performance of the fabric. The style design of this garment pays attention to functionality and humanization, which is in line with the working characteristics of the early warning aircraft officers and soldiers. The style is split upper and lower garments, the top is a hooded wide shouldered sleeveless shirt, and the lower garment is flat corner shorts, which plays a role in shielding electromagnetic radiation to important organs of the human body; Especially in the details of the treatment, the cap mouth, cuff, foot mouth using the closing adjustment, enhance the shielding effect, and all parts of the skin are using skin friendly fabric, to avoid a small number of people allergic to silver fiber

it is understood that after the joint development, the first batch of production tasks of microwave protective clothing for early warning aircraft of 3543 company have been completed

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